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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Decorations

I am a sucker for Christmas decorations and have been slowly collecting them over the past few years. But unfortunately since I have a child who has the ability to pick things up, but is still lacking in the hanging on tight area.. we have been looking for, um..... less sensitive items :) But just because I have to pass on items, doesn't mean that you have to. So, here is a great list of oober cute Christmas decorations.

Christmas Tree Advent Calender
Who doesn't love advent calenders... I know I do. Seriously, I love collecting them. They are just too cute and kids love having something to open everyday. This calender can be found at Target and is on sale for $19.

Christmas Card Holder
I have seen card holders pop up more over the years, but this has to be my absolute favorite one, and seriously... who wouldn't love it... ITS FROM POTTERY BARN! Everyone loves Pottery Barn.... okay, maybe not the prices... but they do have dang cute stuff. This super cute swirly card holder is going for about $49.

Table Runner
I have been thinking about making a nice table runner for a while now, but just never got myself to do it. But hey.... now I don't have to! I found this adorable snowman table runner from Amylinz on Esty that I have been eyeing this season. And if you are eyeing it too, you can get it for $43.

Christmas Puzzle
This is a great holiday decoration if you have children in the house, because it is made to be played with. I just love that fact that I wont have to watch Lucy like a hawk anytime she goes wobbling on over to it. I also love that it isn't just any old puzzle, but a great 3D one that is bound to give the children some festive fun. Selling from "The Lang of Nod" for only $13.95.

Reindeer Ornaments
This adorable reindeer set is more than just cute.... it is.... okay... well, maybe I don't really know a better word to describe them, but they sure are super DUPER cute! With each reindeer dressed a special way and tagged with their own name, your kids will have fun hanging Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen. These ornaments come from Pottery Barn and you can get the whole set on sale right now for $49.99

Festive Bella Apron
I never thought a apron could be sexy, but I have to admit... that this little number has a little va-va voom to it! I know it doesn't have your typical Christmas colors, but is does have holiday presents all over its cute print. I think I might just have to get this to reward myself for all the Christmas baking I plan on doing this year! I think I could treat myself for only $28.75. Plus the apron is called the Bella apron and for all your Twilight fans you know you gotta love that!

Reindeer Rocking Horse
This has to be the cutest holiday decoration that I have ever seen! Seriously! I am already a sucker for rocking horses, but this! A reindeer rocking horse, toooo cute. And besides being a cute decoration, it is a wonderful toy for your kids to play with during the holidays. This reindeer comes from the Mammas & Pappas store in the UK, so if you are interested in ordering one for your home, you will need to contact them and discuss delivery arrangements, because they do deliver internationally, but they need some information first. This darling chair is on sale right now from 70 pounds (about $130) down to 25 pounds ($45).

Felt Christmas Ornaments
These adorable ornaments are just calling my name! MiChiMa's shop is just filled with very simple but adorable ornaments: Santa Clauses, Christmas trees, angles, wreaths, and even candles. They are a little pricey for ornaments, but the seller MiChiMa is having a sale of buy 3 get the 4th free. So, if you don't mind paying $7 for an ornament, these little fellas can be yours.

Most people already have some nice stockings, but we have yet to find a nice set that we want to hang on for Christmases to come. But Pottery Barn has a nice set called the Sun Valley Stocking Collection that have a cozy home knit feel that I just love. They are on sale right now for $19 each and you have three cute patterns to choose from; Santa, snowman, or reindeer. You can also get them personalized for an extra $6.50

Christmas Plaque
This beautiful plaque is a wonderful reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. With a simple and elegant design, it helps remind visitors in your home about the loveliness behind Christmas. Priced at $18.

Telluride Advent Calendar
Surprise, surprise, another Pottery Barn find.... this brightly colored advent calender has to be one of my favorites. Besides being a fun wall decoration, it is one of the biggest I have seen.... and I LOVE IT! I especially love that since the pockets are bigger you can fit better surprises in it, like toy cars, toy jewelry, and little trinkets. It is selling at $69 for a calender, but if that is a little hefty of a price, then just think of it as only $2.76 per pocket :)


  1. Oh, oh, oh!!! I want that apron! Too cute! :)

  2. I love the apron. I want to make one for Peanut that covers most of her for when we start cooking/baking together. I've got a few more minutes lol. I like the little felt ornaments too. Lots of cute ideas.

  3. There is a knock-off of the Pottery Barn Christmas card holder at Pier One for less than $20!

  4. Oh, such cute things! I actually have a card holder that is nearly identical that I got last year. Mine came from Pier One and cost $20!

  5. I'm reading your comments a little late - I see that Kelsey mentioned the same thing. :)

  6. I could definitely use the card holder!!!

  7. I like advent calendars a lot too. Happy TT!

  8. That is a nice card holder, but it costs more than what I spend on Christmas cards. So we tape our Christmas cards to the doorframe with tape.

    I really like the block idea. Perfect for younger elves.

  9. i felt your pain on the stocking thing until about a week ago, when i took up some friends/family's idea of taking an old family quilt or one that you find at a thrift store and making my own stockings. i was able to position the pattern so they all look almost the same and i have enough quilt left for as many children as we could possibly have!

  10. Those are some darling finds! My advent calendar I bought at Target last year is my absolute favorite buy in a long time--really classy wooden decoration with plenty of room for candy!

  11. At our house this year has been a lesson in "Mack will find a way to break every ornament he gets his hands on". Next year they will all have to be fabric.

    I've been coveting the Target advent calendar for weeks... I'm hoping there will be some on clearance soon!

  12. Ooo, all good. Worthy of mentions. I'm with most everybody here, love the apron :)

  13. ♥ I love that Christmas card holder!

  14. holly crap!! M! I just came across your blog as I was looking for Christmas table decoration!! ha ha.. sure do miss you guys! Hope AK is treating you okay!!