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Friday, October 19, 2007

The Begining of the Family

Hello everyone! Here is our first blog posting! Yeaaa for us!

Everything is going great...my recovery has been easy and smooth and the labor went really well also. We had Lucy two weeks ago on Friday Oct 5th, 2007. She was 7lbs 1oz and 19 inches longs.

My water broke on thursday around 3 o-clock, but I didn't realize that it did....um....I may have thought...that maybe...Um...I wet myself and didn't think that my water broke! Nice huh?! So later that night when I was still having....lets call them "wet problems", Curtis finally convinved me to call the doc and tell him what was going on...and sure enough the doc told me my water had broken and I
needed to come in to the hospital!

They had to induce me when we got there cause I wasn't going into labor, but my water had broken and I guess it isn't safe for the baby to be in there with no fluid. So it took a while for my body to kick into labor, but when my body did I was only really in labor for 4 hours! It was really fast and I had an amazing labor. The doc was great and Curtis was so amazing too!

The only problem we had was that Lucy has swallowed some of the fluid and while she was inside she had also pooped so basically she had breathed in poop filled water! Really lady like right?

So when she came out they couldn't hand her to me they had to take her and pump her lungs out before they could give her to me.

But seriously everything has been amazing. Lucy has been really good for us...hasn't kept us up too much. But we will give more updated here soon. But until now we will post these pictures of Lucy Diane Rappleye!

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  1. It is so funny you say that you didn't know your water broke. Mine did the same thing, but my son was on my bladder for months so I had been wetting myself. I figured something must be wrong because soon after the pains were so strong.

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I simply love your blog. I love that you post so many recipes and crafts. Thanks for sharing.