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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lucy's First Zoo Trip

Yea I know, Lucy isn't old enough to even know she is at the zoo, but my best friend Carla Mills (Spadafora) was in town visiting and we took her daughter Payten to the zoo, which she loved, and I documented the event. We had a great time hanging out and since it was in the middle of the day and it was started to get cold no one was really there and the animals were all really active and fun to watch.

But the most interesting part of it was on the drive home. Carla and I were talking and all of the sudden it sounded like a window was open. We both look around too see which window and then I hear the door alarm. We look back and Payten apparently has figured out how to open car doors and had popped it open while we were driving on the freeway!!! We freaked out and pulled over. Poor Payten knew something bad had happened and was nervouse she was going to get into trouble. But it was all good.....scary.... but all okay.

But now we know that our car has child-proof locks :)

The coolest part of the zoo too was us feeding the giraffe. Payten went crazy for it and what can I say.... I LOVED IT TOO!!!!!

We also had fun with Carla and Payten. On Sunday Payten was getting board so Curtis and I made a pretty cool fort that Payten played in.

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