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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fallen Off the Fashion Wagon

Clothing and fashion is something that I have always liked, though I’m not the kind of person that can shop till I drop or have a problem saying no to the stores, but I love finding something super fashionable that is cheap, cute, and me.

Since getting pregnant I have felt that I have fallen long and hard from the wonderful world of fashion. With having to wear maternity cloths for 7 months of my pregnancy, gaining 55 pounds while being pregnant, and still have yet to return to my post pregnancy body; I feel like I am out of fashion and a tad shabby. I can’t break myself down to buy new cloths cause I know in a few months I will be back into my old fashionable cloths, whether or not I will be needing the help of duct tape is yet to be known. So until then, I have some cheats to help me look stylish savvy until I can slip into or pour myself into my beautiful cloths.

Tip One – Long Necklaces
Picking a cute long beaded necklace really makes any outfit look more in. I have a couple. Some really long ones with lighter colors and others that are not as long with earthy colors. I just make sure I have at least one that goes with almost anything.

Tip Two – Head Bands
I love love love these. Especially since getting my hair in the morning is usually what takes a back seat. I can usually get in a shower, put my make-up on (mostly)…and sometimes even get some kind of work out, but it seems without fail that little Lucy will wake up right when I start blow drying my hair. And I don’t know about you all, but my hair is not the kind that needs to be blown dry….not air dried! So it is either all or nothing when is comes to the hair and that is where the head band steps in. They can make messy hair or a pony tail look fancier and more planned, then on the days I slack off I can actually come out looking not half bad. I especially love that it can make a more laid back outfit put together.

Tip Three – Flat Shoes
Okay, I might have a big soft spot for these because they are a life saver for me. I am 5’10 and I get a little self conscience about my height and these keep girls, like me, from having to tower over all the guys. There are nose jobs, boob jobs, brow lifts, but what about the Amazon Women of the 21st century? These beautiful flat shoes have helped many of us, while also looking fabulous! I love the look of these shoes and love how you can usually find them pretty cheap too.

Tip Four – Empire Waist Shirts
This might not be the cheapest tip, but I can’t help but mention this because I love how they look. These high waist shirts not only are in demand, but are flattering on anyone. They can make a tinny woman look cute and slender while helping some women hide some of the curves they are not in a hurry to show off. Plus, my favorite part…. I love being able to not worry about me muffing topping over my jeans because the shirts hides it sooooo well! (Muffin Top is the stuff that flubs over your jeans)

So if you head to a Target, all that is needed is about $30 and you can get your self a cute necklace, fun head band, and maybe if your lucky some shoes! And so we can all have a fresher wardrobe for not too much!


  1. I got a good laugh about the duct tape comment!

    I still haven't lost the baby weight yet...too bad my baby is four...

    I love headbands, too. It does make me feel like I look like I have made an effort.

    Don't worry...you are adorable. You may feel like you have fallen off the Fashion Wagon but...my fashion wagon fell off of a cliff.

  2. Hm. Baby weight. Just you wait until you are in your forties and you had your second at age 39.....

    Anyway, I am all about jeans and empire tops. But I like a bit of heel on my shoes.

  3. I love all of these things. I've got lots of headbands, long necklaces, flats, and even more of the hide your tummy shirts. They are great especially when I'm well endowed.. makes the rest look much smaller!

  4. Great. Now I want to go shopping.

  5. Great tips! Love those flat shoes.

  6. I love this post - love how once you have a kid it's ALL about hiding the muffin top!

  7. Muffin topping HA! that is great.

  8. Baby Weight? Honey my youngest is 9 and I still tote his extra poundage. But the tips were great.

    Thanks for stopping by my site and have a great day


  9. The sad thing about baby weight, is even if you get it all off, nothing goes quite back to where it started... sigh.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.:-)

  10. Empire waists are my new best friend. That, and tents.

  11. Have our $30 bucks in hand...off to Target!

    kari & kijsa

  12. You're so right -- just wearing a necklace or earrings can make me feel so much more like a "real person" than when I just wear the Mom Uniform.

    Thanks for visiting me!

  13. I've been looking for a good pair of ballets and I've seen the J.Crew versions. They're gorgeous, LOVE them but at $125 or something like that (not counting shipping) I don't know that I'll be getting them soon.

  14. I heart empire waist shirts!!! My closet is full of em!

  15. I love headbands but they always make my head hurt....

    I like the way the empire waist shirts look also but for some reason everytime I wear one someone asks me if I'm pregnant.....

    Flat shoes are my favorite and I'm comparatively short at 5'4" but I have never been able to wear heels....ever..too clutzy

  16. I love the advice. I like the empire cut too.

    I totally work the long necklace thing, but then something horrible happened.

    I was nursing my 5 & 1/2 month old, she yanked at my necklace and beads went everywhere. It was pretty scary, since they flew on her face, but I somehow got them off her. I won't be wearing necklaces like that anymore since the baby is very into grabbing at them !

  17. Love those headbands! Where can I get some like them inexpensively??

  18. Great tips. I love flats too, but mainly because I'm clumsy. Don't have any headbands, but now you've got me thinking I might want some! Thanks!

  19. Good read! I dig on flats, and I'm 5ft tall, ha! I love headbands, but can't seem to make them stay on my head (maybe my head is too big -- that's why they pop off all the time!) Ithink I should go shopping -- my last child is 6months old. I shoud treat myself to a new wardrobe as a reward, ha!