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Thursday, May 22, 2008

100th Post... Okay It Might Be A Little Late

A while ago I posted about my 100th post was about to come up and instead of posting a 100 things about me, I was going to post 10 things and answer some questions. Well, my 100th post might have been a couple... or few... handful... a week or so... ago. So here are some interesting and not so interesting things about Motherhood For Dummies.

1. I was born and raised in Alaska, in the same house... man... even in the same bedroom my whole entire life. I don't cope with change very well and now you can understand why.
2. I am the youngest of 6 crazy kids and now that I am a mom.... I have a whole new respect for my mom and what she has done... especially since we are all still alive and breathing.

3. I play 3 instruments; piano, guitar, and cello. I am best at piano then guitar and last cello. I still need to fully learn and master the cello, which is an instrument that I think is just beautiful. I have a talent for learning instruments fairly easily and my goal is to learn as many as I can.
4. I have lived in London.... and LOVED it!
5. I have married a man that grew up in throughout South America: Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, and Chile. So he speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese..... and yet I took Spanish 101 three times throughout High School. Languages are NOT my forte.

6. I have been a cheerleader for Purdue and UCLA college basketball
7. While in London, I lived next door to Matthew Mcconaughey. Some roommates and I would actually sit out on our stoop and do homework or read so we could see him come home. Yea... I use to think he was dreeeeamy. He was there apparently filming part of the movie Sahara.

8. I was born on Mother's day... I was the best peasant ever

9. SheDaisy was actually at my wedding reception. My husband lived in Tennessee for a little while and they go to the same church. Curtis's parents are friends with their family, so two of the three sisters were there.

10. I always have an unquenchable hunger for caramel apples, rice crispy squares, and laffy taffy.

Heidi from Viking Conquest asked,
"How warm does it get in Alaska during the summer, how cold does it get during the winter. Differences in lifestyle, have you've noticed a differnce between Alaska and other places in the US. Do you plan on settling in Alaska?"

Alaska actually has really nice weather. The summers are in the 70's-80's and everything is just green and beautiful. We get a nice breeze that keeps it from getting too hot, but wont mess up your hair. Plus with all the daylight my husband and I will play tennis till 11 PM. The winters aren't too bad either.... yea it can get come, but since the wind doesn't go crazy here it doesn't feel that cold. It isn't humid either... so if you take out that wet cold and the bitting wind cold... it actually isn't bad. I really like the winters here, they always have a really good Christmas and cozy feeling.
As for the difference in life style... yes... Alaskan are a lot more laid back. They only place I can compair it too is Hawaii. We are basically a cold version of Hawaii. People are really friendly, laid back, we kind of do our own thing up here sometimes.

And yes we plan on staying up here. We both just love it up here and love what Alaska has to offer. Sorry, I know I am going on and on, but I love it up here :)

April from Thoughts In My Tumultuos Brain asked,
"If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring THREE ITEMS (not including hubby and baby) what would they be?? And why??"

I don't know if this counts... but 1. A lifetime subscription to UsWeekly, InTouch, and all the other gossip magazines. I seriously have an addiction to them... I can have a crazy flustering day, but when my honey brings me home a magazine.... ahhhh... kick back on the couch and read my mag, always a good end to a day. 2. iPod... boring I know, but I could have some movies, music and my books on tape. I would go crazy if I didn't have music. I always have it playing throughout the house. 3. A family photo album... I'm sure it would probably make me more sad seeing the photos everyday, but I couldn't go very long without them.

jkribbit asked,
"3 favorite movies, 3 favorite books, 3 favorite CDs/musicians of all time?"
My three favorite movies are, "The Power of One", "Crash", and "50 First Dates".
My three favorite books are, "Harry Potters", "To Kill a Mocking Bird", and "The Alchemist".
My three favorite musicians are, "ABBA", "Jack Johnson", and "Queen".... I have to throw in Aerosmith, The Ataris, and Simon & Garfunkle.

OhMommy from Classy Chaos asked,
"What makes you happy? Use all 5 senses"
Sight - Daffodils... those always make me happy... always.
Taste - Frozen Yogurt, I can always eat frozen yogurt... not a fan of ice cream.
Touch - Um... this might sound weird, but my ears. I have the softest and smoothest ears, with practically no cartilage. I find myself playing and fiddling with my ears a lot.
Smell - Plumerias! If you ever go to Hawaii... when you walk off that plane and take your first step off into the airport that smell that hits you of all the plumerias... oh my gosh. Nothing will ever smell better.
Hear - My Lucy laughing, she doesn't laugh very often, but she does smiles a lot. So every time she laughs it just melts my heart.

Thanks for all the great questions and I will answer more later, but this post has surprising taken a lot of time and if I answer anymore I think I am going to be up tooooooo late :) So.... hurray!!!! A 100 posts! Yea! And hopefully a 100 more to come... at least :)

Don't forget that Monday is coming up, so that means...... Family Moment Monday. Feel free to participate, just blog about something that is great to do as a family. Anything from fun family games, to appropriate movies, to tradition, or even subject to teach and talk to your children about. I will have Mr. Linky up and running again :)


  1. CONGRATS on 100 posts!!!

    Cannot wait to read the next 100! or 1000!!!

  2. You have had such an interesting life!! I've been born and raised same place. Never lived anywhere else. Wow!

    And I love the Harry Potter's too. Not much longer for the next movie!

  3. Okay so I thought you said you were going to post not very interesting things about you. Almost all of those are more interesting than my entire life. I would love to live in London or anywhere in Europe for that matter sometime in my life. It may happen- who knows.

  4. Matt M.? How lucky were you? :)

  5. Very interesting and congrats on your 100th post. I feel like I know you so much better now!

  6. Congrats on 100! You have lots of interesting things about you! Matthew McConaughey is cute, I would have been sitting outdoors too! I was born on Thanksgiving day and my Mom said I gave her the best thing to be thankful for.

  7. Ooo. That was fabulous! I love you answers. You are a very interesting person.
    My hubby ALWAYS talks about moving to Alaska. He is a major outdoorsmen. He loves it. You make it sounds amazing. Now I just might have to consider it. :)

  8. Such awesome things! A cheerleader? Matthew next door? Never moved? Good stuff!

  9. Conratulations on 100 posts! I loved hearing more about your life. One house your whole life?! I think I have moved close to 30 times... and no my family was not in the military. :-/ And did you ever get to touch Matthew? ;-)

  10. OMG. You lived next to Matthew McConaghey. I LOVE HIM! I would have been draped outside his door everyday!

  11. I was raised in Nashville, but I left there in 1992. I suppose Curtis was there after that.
    This was really interesting. I let my 100th post go by unremarked because it didn't occur to me to do anything. So I'll do something for my blog anniversary.
    I LOVE Harry Potter. And yeah, I definitely would have been outside waiting for Matthew, even though I'm way too old for him.

  12. What a great post.........so interesting. I like how you wrote you USED to think good old Matt was dreamy. Did you ever talk to him? He seems dumb as dirt to me. Sorry, Matt! And, I'm pretty sure I heard somewhere that my aunt was the voice coach for one of the SheDaisy's. Languages are not more forte either. I took French 101 3 times (I even took French 102) and still can't tell you much. I loved living in Alaska, too, but I don't know if I would as an adult........I'll definitely have to start participating in Family Monday!

  13. Holy Cow! I went to Purdue!


    My roommate in college even married Todd Foster. Are you old enough to remember him??

    Love the post, we got to know so many interesting things about you!

    Have a great day!

  14. Cannot BELIEVE you lived next to MM!!!

    I don't think I would have gotten ANY homework done...

  15. What a fabulouso post! I always remember you playing with your ears...now I know why! =) So fun to hear all that stuff about u. I so want to make it up to Alaska one of these days...sounds so delightful!

  16. that was one of the best posts ever. I cant believe you lived in alaska your entire life and then ventured out to be a cheerleader at those to schools, live in london ect. And you had Shedaisy at your wedding. cool. This was an amazing post. thansk

  17. How fun and such great answers!! Love it!

  18. ♡ You and your siblings look so much alike! I think I would have done my work out on the stoop just to catch a glimpse too! Great POST!!! :)

  19. Wow! That was an excellent post. You've experienced some pretty amazing things in your life...celebrities, cheerleading, music, London, etc. :)

  20. congrats on the big 100 :)

    i just celebrated mine today!!

    love, love your ten things. especially #7 & #9. you are practically a celebrity yourself :)

  21. WOOT! Congrats on 100 posts! I love Harry Potter too. I believe SHeDAisy are natives of right her in little Utah. I like their music! So lucky that they were at your wedding!

  22. That was a lot of fun to read....and to learn more about you and Alaska. Congrats on reaching 100 posts!

  23. Did you ever speak to Mr. McConaughey?

    I have never been to Alaska, but I do hope to visit one day.

  24. What a freakin' cool post! You have an awesome life!
    I've heard about those l-o-n-g daylight days in Alaska (I heard produce is huge then!)
    I agree--London is amazing!

  25. The cheerleading one probably needs more of an explination. I never attended school at Purdue or UCLA... I actually went to BYU and UVU. But I was a cheerleader for them for a couple years when they would venture up here to Alaska for the Great Alaska shoot out. It is a college turnament that goes on for about a week or so and when they would come up here I cheered for each of them several times for a couple years.

  26. Awwww.... I loved your answers to my question. ;)

    You were a cheerleader? Do you still have the outfits? I mean... for Lucy's sake. ;)

  27. Nice to meet you. ABBA, caramel apples and plumerias - now we can be BFFs.

  28. Yeah for 100 posts!

    I was reading through and thinking..yeah yeah yeah that is cool....WHAT?!?! SHE LOVES RICE KRISPY SQUARES!??!?!!? we are kindred spirits.

    I for some reason (no, I'm not pregnant) can NOT get enough of them. If it was not crazy or sad...I would devote my life to them...okay maybe not that much...but you get the picture.

    Thanks for sharing about yourself. It has been fun to get to "know" you.

  29. I love "The Power of One", too--it't got a phenomenal soundtrack. I don't know if you've ever read the book. It's different from the movie, but also quite good.

  30. what a fun post! Even with living in the same place for so long, you have had some awesome experiences!

  31. I was born in Alaska, and lived in Anchorage until I was 8. My dad still lives in Ketchikan, and we visit occassionaly. I'm married to a Brasilian, and his family gets a kick out of him going to Alaska- it really is on the other side of the world to them!

    Glad I found your blog (through POW!)!

  32. Fun post!!! And I was born on Mother's Day too!! What a gift to our mothers, huh??? :)

  33. COngratualtions. I love question/answers. Good ones! Happy POW

  34. Wow you sure have met some famous people in your life no wonder you like those magizines

  35. I hit my 100th post a week or so ago, and I've been meaning to do something for it also. I like the questions thing...and I liked your answers. I love that you fiddle with your ears. I don't know why, but that struck me. :o)

    Matthew McConaughy (sp?) lived in Austin for a while, we all knew exactly where and would drive by his house all the time. lol There was also the naked bondo playing incident...

  36. Umm . . . Matt McC? Totally dreamy.

    And congrats on 100 posts!

  37. Congratulations. I enjoy your blog.

  38. Congratulations on your 100th post!
    You only listed 10 things and all 10 are far more interesting and exciting than anything I could claim.
    Alaska. 6 kids. Musically inclined.
    Lived abroad. Married a foreigner.
    Cheerleader. Lived next door to a Hot celebrity. Born on Mothers Day. Personal friends to SheDaisy.
    Great taste in snacks.
    Oh, and I know this too: Very crafty. Good cook. Doting mother. Kitchen Gadget Guru. Great bogging buddy.
    Thanks for sharing these very interesting things about you. I enjoyed getting to know you better!

  39. What a fun post!! And I still can't get past the part that you lived next to the GOD himself and got to see him. daily.

    With Love,
    Swooning in Seattle

  40. Ah, a fellow 70s music lover. Most of my iTunes are not things from this century!
    Happy post-100th!
    BTW, I cruised to Alaska when I worked on the cruise ship. Truly beautiful!

  41. Love your blog. I haven't been here in awhile but you always make me smile : ) Great Job!!

  42. Congrats on the 100 posts. I love these ones cos you learn so much about people
    thanks for sharing

  43. Hooray for ABBA!!!!!!! Great choice!

  44. This was sooooo interesting to read! Very exciting life you have!

  45. You have led a rather amazing life so far! WOW!

    I have to say, if I, at any point in my life, was ever living next to Matthew McConaughey, I think I would be the most obsessive stalker ever. Peering out my windows all hours of the day watching his comings and goings. And maybe needing to borrow a cup of sugar or something... LOL!!!

  46. Wow, that was a great post to read. And mmmm.... #10 is making my stomach growl. And a cheerleader for Purdue and UCLA? That's a big deal!

  47. What an interesting post! I completely missed my 100th post, so I guess my 200th will be my milestone post.

    I really enjoy reading these type of posts. And yours are very interesting, a lot more interesting than mine ever would be.

    Matthew McConaughey? Next door? In London??? How incredibly cool!!!!!