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Monday, May 12, 2008

Family Interviews

Family Moment Mondays

My dad was such a busy man when we were younger. Between running his own company, volunteering hours at our church, and trying to take care of us, he was gone a lot and we didn't get to see him as much as we would have liked, but when he was home.... he was ours.
He was always really good about talking to us, finding out what we were up to, asking us questions. He always made us feel like he cared about what was going on in our lives. Even at 5 years old, when my biggest problem was not getting enough time in the kindergarten play house. I know, pretty traumatic :)

But even with parents being busy they always managed some wonderful one on one time. One thing we did in our family was a recorded interview. Our dad would set up the camcorder and sit down and ask us questions. Mom and Dad wanted to capture us as children, just being our selves. They would asks us who are best friends are, our favorite movies, what we love about our mom and dad, what we wanted to be when we grew up.

It was such a fun thing that we did. But the best part of it was years later we would sit down and watch them. Always fun to sit down and to see what Little Melissa was up to so long ago. So if you are wanting some fun family time and would like a chance to make some wonderful memories of you sweet little ones; sit the kids down and record a interview with them between mommy and daddy. It is always nice to get more one on one time with our children anyways.

P.S. I am getting ready to start opening up Family Moment Mondays to all who want to participate. So if you are interested in participating I would love for you to email me so I have an idea of how many are wanting to participate. motherhoodfordummies@hotmail.com


  1. That was a great idea! I can imagine how much fun it is looking back at those clips now.

    Need more info on the family moment Mondays...did I miss a post?


  2. I sent you an email...I'm interested!

  3. Good idea - imagine it would be easier to catalogue and watch than the hours of unedited tape. We're going to do this!

  4. awww I wish my mom had done something like that with me. :( Sounds so cute!

  5. That is a great idea. We have GOT to get our video camera fixed.

    My SIL and BIL (da Wizard actually) are headed your way in June and would like to know what the price of gas is in your area.
    You can email me at
    sjmcreynolds AT windstream DOT net

  6. I love our old family films! Oh the good old days when i was sweet and innocent!

  7. That is a fantastic idea! I never would have thought of that one. Thanks!

  8. Hey Melissa great idea! I love your Family Moment Mondays, in fact I did post for it today on my blog hoping you would be opening it up to everyone today. Oh well, I'll keep checking and I would love to participate.

  9. What a lovely memory.
    I especially love that you are recreating it your own family. These traditions form the histories of our families and link the generations in a tangible chain of love and connection....How clever you are to keep it going....

  10. What a great idea! I'm SO going to steal that.

  11. That is a great idea... my parents did something similiar. Only, they did not tape it. What fun that would be now!
    I think you should post one on your blog for us to see. I dare you!
    Thanks for always having something fun to share! Oh, welcome back...I missed you!

  12. Come by my blog and visit. I have something for you. Kelli

  13. thats a great idea, I think i just might do that, thanks :)

  14. Such a great idea.
    It is good to spend time together

  15. I LOVE this idea!! Will definitely bust out the camcorder and try it out.

    Thank you for sharing! :)