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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Purses, Totes, and Bags Galor

I am not much of a shopper. I go in and out of moods for when I want to look around the stores and you all know what a penny pincher I can be sometimes, but I do have a weakness.... yes... I do. Bags!!!!! Bags are my kryptonite, I love them. I love them so much that they were the only reason why there was a down side to being a mommy.... being a mommy ment no more purses, just diaper bags. But, my Lucy is getting older and I have now realized that diaper bags aren't all that they crack up to be. So, I am on a mission... to find me the perfect bag... a new bag... a new mommy me :) Unfortunately, with purses, my taste can run a little higher than what I would ever spend, but still a girl can dream right?! So here is the dream team.

Cole Hann
I am a sucker for red. If there is a hot red dress, bags, pair of shoes... ooooh-e... I will like it. I love wearing really good hot red stuff.

Nordstrom's leather bag

Classic. Simple... those kind of bags are always good never go out of style.

Jessica Simpson's
I am not much of a fan for that Cowboy dating girl, Jessica Simpson, but she does have me lovin' this purse.... even though I hate to admit that she might make some cute bags.

Nordstrom's brown Leather
It has a little more of a Dr. Jane Goodall-scientist look to it that I kind of like. Kind of making me look smart like, "Hey I got taste, PLUS, beakers."

Roxy fabric tote
One of my favorites, cute and completely affordable.

Leather Lucky Bag

Gosh, why do I love these over sized bags. It isn't like I am trying to fit Lucy in there, but hey!?!?! There's an option!

Leather Peach Target Bag
There always has to be a cheap option for me. I can't feel like a good shopper unless I found at least one good deal, plus peach is kind of a nice happy color. :)

Liz Claiborne Tote
I will always love the more classic brown bags.

B. Makowsky Tote
Super cute and uber chic.

This one is one of my favorites, probably all time favorite, even though it looks like it was made from Smurf's hides, but I still love it. It's smurf-tastic.


  1. my fave is the liz claiborne tote.. happy TT!

  2. Oh I am such a bag Slut! Seriously! I love all bags from expensive leather, to inexpensive straw or canvas (LLBean) bags. Bags and shoes make an outfit. LMAO at your Smurf Hide bag!

  3. I would not mind having them all. My favorite is Leather Lucky Bag.


  4. Still drooling...you've found my weak spot. Oh how I love bags...

  5. Sounds like you are a purse girl as much as I am a shoe lover!!!

  6. I'm such a purse/bag lover too. I have way too many, I can't help myself. I'm almost as bad with shoes too!

  7. I am going to Target this instant!!!

  8. I love the first Lucky tote. LOVE IT!

  9. That Cole Hann bag is TO DIE FOR! A bit out of my price range, yes, but a girl can dream, right? :o)

  10. was totally voting for the target bag - chic & cheap. but then i saw the smurf bag...pretty sure it is worth the splurge my friend!!

    go for it :)

  11. I wish I understood the big deal about purses!!

  12. Cool bags! Now shoes...what shoes would I wear with the smurf bag? Any suggestions?

  13. See, I just the opposite I hate having to carry a bag/purse. It's one of the things that I don't like about being a mom. I hate having to carry a diaper bag everywhere. I'm just not a bag person. But, there are some really cute bags on here. I do kind of like the Smurf one.

  14. I am so not a purse or bag person. I have one that I will use until it falls apart, and then I will find a new one. *sigh* I am so un-hip.

    Happy TT

  15. they call me the bag lady around here... I think we have the same obsession

  16. I can never find just the right bag. Either it's cute but too small or practical but way too big. So, I have to stick with cheap bags because chances are, I will want a different one in a couple of months.

  17. Well, the price wouldn't seem so bad if it was an investment in a baby carrier... why not say it's for Lucy? I do LOVE red! and the Roxy one is simple, but has so much style!

  18. I like the Nordstrom's brown Leather....

  19. I have a tote addiction as well- so I gotcha;-) I totally get it.

  20. oooh. Good choice for TT! I like the lucky bag. Every one can use a little smurf.

  21. I'm a stick in the mud. I'd pick the black one, use it until it fell apart and then buy another one just like it.

  22. Me too. What is it? I have a similar show thing only in VT there are boots for winter boots for mud and well you get the idea. But bags..there can never be too many

    Now that Smurf number is hot

  23. It is true...I have issues. Gigantic, tote-purse-bag love issues. I scrolled down figuring I was going to share my favorite, but I just can't make up my mind. I love them all. Love the Lucky, Love the Cole-Hahn....love the Nordstrom. Love the peach Target. Clearly, I can't be any help. Good luck choosing your new 'it' bag! Can't wait to see what you find.

  24. Wow. Nice collection of bag photos. I bet with your coloring you look great in red too.

  25. The Tar'jay' bag is more my speed. The budget you know...the budget!! [target]

    Thanks for the visit to my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I'm behind visiting my T-13 visitors and trying to catch up this morning.

  26. Oh, gosh.
    I must really be behind the times.
    If I spent that much on a purse, there'd be nothing left to put IN it!

    Nina at Nature Remains

  27. Ohhhh, I LOVE bags too. I never actually carried a "diaper" bag. I bought a new bag each time I had a child, but I always just bought an oversized purse and made it work. My taste used to be much more expensive, but unless I wanted to carry my babies around in their diapers because we didn't have money for clothes, well, you get my point. So I LOVE all of the bags, but you can't go wrong with anything that is red! :)

  28. Pretty much love all of them but I would have to go with the Roxy one as it is cute AND affordable

  29. I love love love lucky brand bags. I have two now...and they are huge!

  30. I go nutso for bags too. I'm working on getting a Cole Haan but the hubby is like "that costs how much?!" You will find that Michael Kors bags are heavy...

  31. I am just not a bag person, but like every woman, I have stuff I have to have with me when I leave the house. I use a fanny pack. I don't have to hold onto anything or keep a strap on my shoulder.