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Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Cool Mama

The older I get, the more I realize that I am sooooo not as cool as I use to be. I am starting to get irritated with the noisy crowds, clothes kids wear these days, and how can I keep up with their slang and lingo?! I am slowly slipping away from young, fun, hip, Melissa... and turning into home-body, quiet weekends, take my kid to the park Melissa. WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!? I use to be a social butterfly and planned parties, had fashionable clothes, and always new hot music.

It hit me that things were changing a few months ago. Curtis and I were visiting his family in Logan and we were hanging out with one of his sweet cousins. We were heading out to go snowboarding and she had brought her iPod. I was curious as to what music she liked so I asked if I could see it. She said , "Oh (insert slang I didn't know) yea, I have some pretty (insert more slang I didn't know) music on there, you will love it." So, I put on the head phones and got listening.... I was mortified! I didn't know ONE SONG! I had no idea what was on there. It then hit me.... I was out of the loop. Don't get me wrong, it isn't like I don't want to grow up. I like that I spend more weekends home with my honey curled up on the couch, but there are some things I liked and I didn't want to change.... my love of music is one of them. So, this post is for all of you moms out there that have noticed that you are finding it harder and harder to relate and connect with the young and hip. Here is a post to help give us moms back a little slice of cool. I have here a list of great bands that can help us ween ourselves out of the everyday mommyhood and out onto the edge :)

Jason Mraz - "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things"
I liked Jason Mraz from the beginning with his fun upbeat song "The Remedy". Who can resist that fast lyricing temptation? He definitely has some fun songs, but they all kind of sound the same, until he broke his own mold when he made "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things". It's a very different mellower version of the Mraz we loved. Songs To Look For - I'm Yours, Lucky, The Remedy.

Matchbox Twenty - "Exile On Mainstream"
With many great CDs, "Exile On Mainstream" is great because it has a few new songs, but mainly a collection of some of their greatest. This is a great CD especially if you are looking to find someone new to like. This CD will win you over. Songs To Look For - How Far We've Come, Disease, Unwell.

Jack Johnson - "Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies For The Film Curious George"
Yes, you read that right. This CD is the Curious George soundtrack. Jack Johnson is a one of a kind musician that mixes reggae like rhythms with tongue tying lyrics. He is one of my all time favorite artists. Songs To Look For - Upside Down, Flake, Taylor, Better Together, Sitting Waiting Wishing.

Coldplay - "X&Y"
Coldplay is a great band that has released several amazing CDs. Whether you like rock, country, oldies, whatever... you will find a Coldplay song that you like. I'm not sure if it is their music, lyrics, or just their persona that they give off, but Coldplay is one of my favorite bands. Songs To Look For - Fix You, Speed Of Sound, Til Kingdom Come, Vida La Vida

50 First Dates Soundtrack
Okay, I know this isn't a band, but this is a great CD. Most of the songs are remakes that now have an island mellow feel to them. This is one of Curtis and mine's favorites. Songs To Look For - Hold Me Now, Drive, Your Love, Every Breath You Take.

The All-American Rejects
With two great CDs, "Move Along"(my personal favorite) and "The All-American Rejects", this is for you out there that like a little more rock. I am a fan of rock with a little punk in it and so I do love The All-American Rejects. But even if you aren't into rock or punk, just give a couple of their songs a try. Songs To Look For - Move Along, It Ends Tonight, Dirty Little Secret, Swing Swing.

Colbie Caillat
I can't comment on her CD, because I haven't heard the whole thing. But the songs I have, I love. Her voice is gorgeous and tunes delightful. Songs To Look For - Bubbly, Realize, Lucky.

Maroon 5
They have two great CDs, "It Wont Be Soon Before Long" and "Songs About Jane". Besides the main singer having some deliciousness about him (Sorry Curtis), his voice is unlike anyone else. His unique voice just makes their songs. Songs To Look For - I Wont Go Home Without You, Wake Up Call, She Will Be Loved, Harder To Breathe.

This rock band has had hit after hit. With their scratchy voices and rockin' guitars, they seem to do no wrong. From songs about remembering the good old days, making fun of rock stars, and trying to give credit to the people who try to make a difference, they are truly a unique rock band. Songs To Look For - If Everyone Cared, Photograph, Far Away, Rock Star, Savin' Me,

This strange British singer can easily be compared to singers and artists like Queen, Elton John, or Scissor Scissors. His peppy happy songs are hard not to like and get easily stuck in your head. I haven't heard his whole CD but he does have some serious winners. Songs To Look For - Grace Kelly, Love Today.

Sara Bareilles
She is a talented singer/writer/pianist. Her songs are simple but pleasant. With her voice and piano playing leading the songs, it is hard not to resist. Songs To Look For - Love Song, Bottle It Up.

The Killers
Here is an interesting band... they definitely go to the beat of their own drum. I have both of their CDs "Sam's Town" and "Hot Fuzz" and they're good, only because the songs that are good, are FANTASTIC. This is a band where I think most people don't love all their stuff, but definitely hit up iTunes and download a good chunk. Songs To Look For - When You Were Young, Mr Brightside, Read My Mind, Somebody Told Me.


  1. You have got a great list of music on here. Cold Play is one of my favs. I just did a little post a while back aboutt Viva La Vida. I love it!! Now that I have a teenager it's easier to stay up on the music. The other day I said to him-Cold Play is coming in concert in November do you want to go? He gave me a look and then said with you? Of course! No, he says that is so not cool.:(

  2. I am on the un-cool train too. I love Matchbox Twenty. My brother makes fun of me because I like songs but never know the name of the band. What happened to the days of going to all the concerts and keeping up with the times? Now I gravitate toward country music. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME? :)

  3. Seriously, I was just about to post on this. I read something on the VMAs and I knew like two people in the whole darn thing. I know a couple of people on your playlist--I love Nickelback and Coldplay.
    I pretty much listen to the classical station ALL DAY to the point my kids are naming the composers lol.
    I need to get cool again!

  4. I get told daily how uncool I am by the students at the school where I work. It's OK to be uncool. But I think you're cool! ;)

  5. And I know I'm always out of the loop on the new movies too - and not just the ones on the big screen. I went to the movie store the other day and realized I had never even heard of over 1/2 of the new releases. Guess I'm watching more Dora & Hannah Montana than anything else these days :)

  6. Gavin Rossdale is a great new one, too! If you're into harder stuff, Flyleaf is good, too. Very Evanescence like. If it wasn't for my husband who has a desk job and sometimes has to twiddle his thumbs during the day and does it by sitting on the internet looking for new and upcoming things, I'd be my grandmother by now. And the lingo? Don't even get me started on that. When my husband uses it (obviously, he has more of a social life than I do with three kids under three right now), I get totally ticked off. I'll skip this generation and start with the next being hip again, right?!

  7. I know exactly how you feel! And it looks like we share the same tastes in music!

  8. I am reminded every week how uncool I am as I teach the Laurels in YW. :-)

    I love Cobie Caillat (sp?)!

  9. Hi! I'm such a huge fan of Sara B.I fell in love with Love Song, then saw her live and bought the CD and I don't think I've taken it out of my minivan player in 2 months. :)

    Great list, and thanks for toucj=hing on this topic!

  10. Having a Tweenie helps. She picks my iPod songs! Love Matchbox 20, John Mayer (Say), Maroon 5, Clocks by Coldplay is one of my all-time faves... of course we have some Miley Cyrus and David Cook and David Archuletta too! Actually, I would like to think I am a pretty cool mama!

  11. I like Matchx 20 and Nickleback, too. I really haven't listened to some of the other's on your list (that I can remember). I know I feel the "getting older" ~aka uncool syndrome. I think our music was better, and our styles were better, too! :)
    I have my TT up to here

  12. I love a lot of those songs and bands. And don't feel bad. I'm getting the same way. Especially since I'm still in maternity clothes.

  13. Today's kids can have today's music. How else can they feel smug when compared to their parents? It's hip to be square.

  14. I've at least heard of a few of those. yay me! Jack Johnson is one of my all-time favorites as well. And I have my younger BIL to thank for introducing me to his music a few years ago. LOL

  15. Good picks...I love the killers and coldplay. I would also add Sarah McLaughin to the list.

  16. I have an award for you over at my blog that just fits right into this post! Come get it!

  17. Ok... I feel better... I know a few of those on the list... I thought I was WAY off on everything. I mean... I truly don't even know how to dress myself anymore. I can buy maternity clothes... but that goes with whatever is work at that month.

  18. I love the music you have listed!!! Does that make me cool? lol

    I am SO out of the loop of who sings what. Whenever we watch award shows I NEVER know any of the singers or when someone sings a song I've heard before then I'm all, 'oh who is that?' I'm so bad.

    I am so the uncool one most of the time, too. I swear some 60 year old has switched minds with me and they are having a blast with a 32 year old brain! lol


  19. I also heart Jason Mraz! I can't wait until November when I get to go see him in concert!!

  20. I love Cold Play and Matchbox Twenty. I also LOVE 3 Doors Down. Good stuff!

  21. Very cool. I like it! You will always be one young cool chick to me!!

  22. I la-la-la-la-loooove The Killers. Love them!

  23. I am a total homebody. Also, I love all of the artists you put up. ALL of them.

  24. Wonderful list of music! I keep meaning to check out Jack Johnson, I hear that I would enjoy his music ;) I'd also suggest Matt Nathanson- he's awesome!

  25. I'm not feeling to old, I knew most of them except Mikki. That's not bad right?? Thanks for the great post!

  26. Oh my goodness! I was just chatting to my girlfriend about this today! I was thinking how my music taste is no where near as hip as it used to be... what am I doing? Begging middle-age to come quicker? So, I've switched radio stations to a much hipper station - and am loving it!

  27. I love just about every one of these artists! Good picks.

  28. I'm hopelessly stuck in the 80's and completely uncool. I yell at kids who ride their bikes in my yard. Last night I went to the elementary school for Family Fun night. It was held inside because of the weather and was in the gym where the jumping things were. The music/DJ was in there. I caught myself complaining about the noise. Yep, I'm turning into my dad. HELP!

  29. Apparently I'm even uncooler than you. I don't recognize about half of those groups.

    Oh well, I'm used to it.

  30. I feel much hipper after reading this post.
    I am off to download some of this music to my ipod.
    Just in case someone asks to see mine...and I had only 80's music on it.