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Friday, October 31, 2008

Children Blocks

With Lucy getting older and being more of a toddler than a baby everyday, I have been having to make some adjustments. Different foods, more safety items, nap schedules, and even some toys. I was racking my brain the other day about what toys I might want to invest in for when she is a little older and I asked my mom what was the best toy she bought for us kids. Very easily she said, "BLOCKS!". She informed me that she invested in some great wooden blocks for us that all 6 of us kids grew up playing with and even I can admit, provided hours of fun as a barbie beach house or as the next doomed city for our dinosaurs.

So, with this in mind I have been keeping my eyes out for some great blocks and found some of these fun ones.

Wooden Multicolor Blocks
A complete set of a 100 vibrant building blocks in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes: solid colors, stripes, plain, arches, blocks, triangles, and many more. Not only are they fun to play with, but fun to put away because of the shape sorting lid that lets you match up the hole to the shape of a block that you are putting away. Great fun for the kids for $24.98.

Nesting Nursery Rhyme Block Set

These beautifully decorated nursery rhyme blocks form a 32"-tall tower of glorious illustrations! Stack the alphabet A-Z or numbers 1 through 10. When stacked just right, other sides picture nursery rhyme characters and a park panorama with corresponding words. Even though you can pile them 32" high you can also put them away in just 6" of space. You can purchase them for $12.98 or if you purchase two, you get them at $10.98 each.

Cardboard Building Bricks
With 24 colorful bricks your children can be free to create castles, forts, and entire cities! But don't let the cardboard trick you into thinking that they aren't sturdy because the makers claim that they are strong enough for adults to stand on, but light enough for tots to tote, stack, and sit on. Easy to assemble and come in a collection of 24 blocks. You can choose from 2 different color sets: Bright or Pastel. They cost $14.98 for a set of 24 or you can get 2 sets at $9.98 each... that is almost 50 blocks for only $19 bucks.


  1. We love blocks at our house. WE have the super-size lego blocks. They keep the kids busy (and quiet) for quite a while.

  2. interesting that you said blocks first. My little peanut was in for a checkup and they asked if she could stack things. Guess it's part of their growing. Good post. I've tagged you over at my blog with an award. You deserve it.

  3. i LOVED those cardboard blocks when i was a kid and i can't wait to get beans some!!

    i am thinking christmas??

  4. Stacking things is a favorite around our house...mostly so they can knock it over! Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Ooo blocks are still a hit here!

  6. Hey! I made those peanut butter swirl squares you posted a while ago for my office halloween party today and people were raving about them! and they were so easy! thanks so much!!

  7. My little guy loves blocks too, he can play for them for awhile.

  8. The cardboard blocks look a great idea!

  9. Cool blocks! Love the nesting ones!! My son loved the cardboard ones. Build knock down, repeat...

    Hope all is well!