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Friday, October 17, 2008

Freebies and Free Samples

Enjoy this Freebie Friday with FREEEEE items from Walmart, PUR, Always, and even Orville Redenbacher.

Free Magnet Clip

Free USB Drive

Free Always Panty Liners

Free Mouth Wash

Free PUR Shopping List Pad

Free Platex Glide Tampons

Free Health Information Organizer For Your Child

Free Book Plates

Free Ovrille Redenbacher Popcorn Sampler Cakes


  1. Ooh, some great stuff. Thanks!

  2. Who doesn't love free stuff. I've tagged you for a fun meme.

  3. THANkS. I am loving all the work you do to find all these free giveaways. I cant wait for them to start coming in the mail.

  4. I am leaving you an award on my blog.

  5. I left you an award on my blog today

  6. Love free stuff! But just FYI, I went to the popcorn cakes and only signed up half way before I realized it was going to spam me. Sure enough, I've gotten about 20 emails in 48 hours. Just wanted to let you know. I know some people create emails just for that but I don't have one yet. Hope you're having a great weekend!