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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Homemade Envelopes


Something I always loved making as a child was my own envelopes. I had a huge collection of them; some nature scenes from the Nation Geographic, some high fashion from women's magazines, and some cute cartoons from comic books. I just loved making them, plus now as a mom.... I love how cheap they are to make and a great way to go through magazines and get some more usage out of them.

But what is truly great about this activity, is that it also presents a great way for the family to sit down and write some letters to loved ones.

1. Simply go throughout your house and find magazines and such that you and your children can cut up.
2. Then get some envelopes and unglue/open them to make them fold out completely.
3. Trace the unglued envelope onto the page that you want your envelope to look like.
4. Cut then tape.

Then, after you children have made them you have the kids sit down and write a letter to grandma and grandpa. This is a great family activity for all ages and for everyone in the family. Loved ones always enjoy receiving mail, plus it is fun to make a silly envelope.

If you are wanting to make really beautiful envelopes you can use scrapbooking paper. If you want one with a more personal touch, then on your computer make a photo collage and print that out for your pattern.

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  1. I bet my older son will enjoy making some of these!

  2. I can see this keeping my girls busy for hours :)

    Thank you!

  3. Wow that's awesome! I wanna make one! LOL! XOXO

  4. I think my son would love this. HE already loves getting and sending mail. Making envelopes would make the process all the more fun!

  5. Such a cute idea! My kids will love this, and so will I! Thanks.

  6. Once again, thank you for the cute idea!! I love it!

  7. What a great idea!!! My kids will love thiven though they can't write yet. They can dictate to me or color pictures!!

  8. how bout this - you send me one of your adorable envelopes full of those yummy peanut butter swirls??

    thanks friend :)

  9. Love this envelope idea. Simple, fun, very do-able. I've written a FMM post :-)

  10. Are you getting PAID for any of these ideas yet? You truly are so creative and I will definitely be using your blog as reference for activities to do with my son when he is old enough. Your blog almost makes me want to start creating things, anything, just something. But unfortunately my time is limit due to work!!!

  11. These are great! I love card making, but I never thought of hand-making the envelopes also! How great!

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