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Monday, December 1, 2008

12 Days of Christmas

With Christmas approaching fast (yea!!!) I have been getting in the Christmas spirit. Yes, yes... I am one of THOSE people...a festive caroler that will listen to Christmas music at the first sign of snow and as soon as those Thanksgiving plates are put away the Christmas decorations come out! So, to help celebrate the Christmas spirit I will be posting Christmas activities and fun family traditions.

Christmas is all about giving, but unfortunately some kids get too wrapped up in all the receiving to remember that. A wonderful way to help remind the children about the true spirit of the holidays is to do the 12 Days of Christmas. Gather your family together and you all can decide on a family they would like to help. If you don't know a family that is in need this holiday talk to your church leader, an HR rep at your work, or a counselor/principal at your child's school. These people will probably know a family in need. Once you have a family in mind, think of 12 gifts/surprises that you can secretly drop off every night for 12 nights.

Great gift ideas to drop off are baked treats, toys, books, gift cards, or Christmas decorations. Some great places to buy some inexpensive gifts or little knick-knacks is the dollar section of Target; they always have some fun kid books or stuffed animals. Michaels also has a great dollar section for kid note pads, markers, and stamps. Michaels also sells some fun kids crafts and plastic animals.

The gifts don't have to get lavish or even something you buy. Just something that shows a family that someone cares and is hoping that they have a great holiday. Plus this is a wonderful way to show your children, by example, what Christmas is about. They will enjoy the planning, the door bell ditching, and the secret they need to keep about who the presents are from.


  1. we did this as children and i loved it! thank you for the early reminder! i seem to think about it every year too late when there are not 12 days left before christmas! maybe this year i will be able to get in gear early enough to actually have the girls do it!

  2. That is such a great idea! I always try to stress the real meaning of Christmas to my kids every year and this is a great way to pass on the Christmasy love. :)

  3. We do this every year and also include a copy of a fun, spritual or just plain sappy Christmas story with the treat. We give books, candy, baked goods, ornaments, candles, cds of Christmas music, cheap christmas crafts (I search through Michaels and Wal Mart), etc. It's one of my kids favorite parts of Christmas. We've done everyone from neighbors, friends, family, people in need, etc.

  4. Awesome crafts, I always love your family moment mondays!

    BTW, I've got a TWILIGHT giveaway over on my blog if anyone here is interested!

  5. I've heard of doing this, but haven't yet. What a fun way to teach giving! I love the dollar section at Target!

  6. i used to be a 1st time mom too... hihi. but in a few months, i'll have my 2nd time :o)

    anyway, saw u in Mari's blog and i'm inviting you to my newest blog, ANYTHING.SOMETHING.EVERYTHING. here's the link, would really be glad to hear from you...



    ooops, advance Merry Christmas!

  7. My family does this a lot, and I love it! I just wish I could see their faces when they opened the door.

  8. Great ideas!!! How was your vacation? I have much reading to catch up on!!! My internet connection is down again!!!!