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Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Vacations

Hello one and all. I am officially back and on the blogging market. I was really disappointed with my blogging-while-traveling ability, I just had a hard time sitting down and getting it done and when I did I was always trying to figure out the Spanish on the internet (Curtis's whole family speaks Spanish and some of their stuff is set on Spanish not English). But I am back and in time for Family Moment Monday and I have to say that all I could think about for F.M.M. was family vacations.

What a great way to spend time as a family. Dad is away from the office, mom isn't having to be distracted with cleaning, and siblings are around not at friends' houses and school. Family vacations are really the only time that a family can get away from the every day issues and just be.... a family.

Trips can be expensive and even hard to plan sometimes, but whether the dream is to head over seas or to simply go on a three day camp out, you will have your time together, which is more important than the location.

The best way to get yourself started is to pick an amount you can afford to spend/save for, then with that in mind pick a location, and step three is simply start saving. Even have the kids help out with the planning if you want and let them put in their two cents... metaphorically and literally, because it is their vacation too so it wouldn't be a bad idea to let your children understand that they can help with family things too.

P.S. Sorry I have been trying to post photos from the vacation, but I can't get Blogger to post.


  1. You are right, vacation bonding is a very special kind of bonding, and critically important. Can't wait to hear more from your trip/travels.

  2. This may sound cheap, but we tend to go on vacations where family lives. We can stay with them and not worry about the cost of the hotel, plus they know all the insider tips for the area. We are lucky enough to have family in some great locations (Seattle, San Francisco, San Antonio). :)

  3. I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip. Hopefully Blogger will start cooperating soon (I have that trouble a lot).

  4. Family vacations are the best! Looking forward to hearing more about yours. I''m participating in FMM!

  5. Trust me I know how expensive these trips can be and I really look forward to these vacations but on a single mom budget is can be tough. We like to do a lot of...what's in our backyard vacations. There are many things in Texas to explore so it usually works out for us.

    Glad you are back home and back to blogging.

    You were missed and I hope you get your pictures posted soon.

  6. Family vacations are awesome! But they can also be kind of draining. Sometimes I come back feeling like I need a vacation from my vacation. But I still want to do it all over again. ;)

    Glad you're back!

  7. Very true! Getting away, as tiring as it can be, is a wonderful way to bond with family!
    I'm glad you're back!