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Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Lights

Well we have some decorations up and soon we will be getting a tree... we just need to figure out a time that we can go tromping off into the forest to get one. With most of our Christmas "to-dos" almost completed we still have one more festive decoration that needs handling...... dreaded Christmas lights.
My poor husband hates them, truly, truly, hates Christmas lights. ME on the other hand LOOOOVES Christmas lights and wants to be "that" house on the block that decorates every nook and cranny to help give the holiday feel. But even though we are still trying to decided if WE want to do lights or not (I hope we do!) we will just have to enjoy the neighbors.... which brings me to a fun F.M.M.

Every year a few days before Christmas, my family would all pile into the car and would drive throughout Anchorage enjoying the Christmas lights. We would spend time singing Christmas carols, asking ridiculous questions "what if" questions, and sharing our favorite part about Christmas while we enjoyed the beautiful festive lights. It was a wonderful way to do something Christmasy without having to spend money, plus it gives you a chance to spend some time as a family away from all the phones and tvs.
p.s. If you live in Alaska the news paper, every year, has a map with a list of the top 25 decorated houses in Anchorage and they are always pretty good.


  1. Love Christmas lights. Not overdone Christmas lights, ala Griswold, but more than just outlines of windows, which I do. Not much you can do with an apartment, but I love other people's lights.

  2. I wish our city had a list like that. I know where some of the good neighborhoods for lights are, but they aren't always the same every year.

  3. That is funny Curtis does not like Christmas Lights. I don't know that I have ever met someone that does not like them!

    Gary and I tried to see them in the city after our play but got lost...in the not so good part of town. Of course we needed to get gas and it was very scary. I thought the gas station was being held up and Gary was going to become the hostage! VERY SCARY! So we didn't see any lights...but had plenty of excitement!

  4. I really enjoyed doing that growing up. Now that I'm blind it is not as much fun, but I want to go around for my son.

  5. This is just what we do at least once a week... we're going tonight in fact!

  6. At least once or twice a year we do the same thing, but with the kids in their jammies and drinking hot cocoa. Seriously, how fun is it to go ride around in your pajamas?! :)