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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crafts To Do

Hello one and all! It feels good to be back after my break. Sorry to put blogging in the back seat, but with family in town, parties to go to, and goodies to cook, I figure blogging might help bring a stressed induced aneurysm this holiday. But now Christmas is over and the New Year is upon on.

To get ready for this new year I have been making a list of goals, ideas, and activities I am wanting to do this year. But I did something different this time around... I decided to also have a craft goal list. So, here is my list of crafts that I am planning on completing.... wait.... um, I'll change that to planning on ATTEMPTING... we will see how successful they are :)

Quick Tote Bag
Head Band
Chic Shopping Bag
Necklace Organizer

Growth Chart
Lunch Bags
Pony Tail Holder
Art Apron
Bed Book Organizer
Pillow Case Back Pack
Pillow Case Dress
Sea Horse
Fabric Doll House
Felt Strawberries
Felt Donuts
Felt Whip Cream
The Best Puppy
Monkey Doll
Cashmere Bunny
Hand Tracing Frame
Silhouette Frame
Family Tree Picture Holder
Key Holder
Scary Ghosts
Gratitude Sign

Odds and Ends
Sewing Organizers
Bath Salts
Birthday Banner (I have been wanting to do this one for a long time)
Apple Pin Cushion
Make-Up Bag
Luggage Tag
Hot Water Bottle Cover
Tissue Holder
Mini Photo Album


  1. Exciting...I look forward to seeing the finished products!

  2. This is a great list! I have been meaning to do the birthday banner as well. I'm going to have to add several of these to my to-do list :)

  3. What a great list! You are going to do awesome on each project!!

    PS - Thanks for the recipe/heads up on the cornish hens. We had them Christmas day and they were wonderful! Thank you so much!!

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  5. so i totally need your phone number...I have baby questions! =)

  6. Impressive. Hopefully, I'll find some time this year to do a couple of those!

  7. Welcome back!
    I think just about everyone went on a bloggy break. I know I did. And it felt great. It is a little hard to get back into the swing of things now. ;)

  8. I'll be sure to hold you to it! ::) hahahaha. Hey, my smiley face has double eyes...wowww. Okay, it's getting late.....We should do some crafts together...call me...

  9. whew, you're going to be BUSY!

  10. Wow! Will these be in your etsy shop? Welcome back and Happy New Year!

  11. "I figure blogging might help bring a stressed induced aneurysm this holiday." I am ROTFL. Only a busy mom could relate to how very real this risk seems.

  12. Thanks for the great list! Pretty much I want to complete all of them. My list of crafts "To Do" is ginormous, but who says I have to complete them all now, right?

  13. melissa, you are a genius by the way. i was like, "i want to make a birthday banner for caleb's party this weekend. i bet melissa will have something on her website for me" and BAM!! You have the PERFECT THING FOR ME!!! Thank you!

  14. That looks as long as my list! However, my actual resolution was to FINISH all the unfinished projects, BEFORE I start any new ones.