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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How To Make Invitations

There is so much that is involved with throwing a party, whether it is a bridal shower, baby shower, fancy dinner party, or just having family over for a birthday. It is just hard to keep everything straight, but first things first... you need to invite them.

Making a good invitation card is more than making a cute card that is appealing and sweet. You need to make sure that you are able to get across all the information needed for the evening in that card. So here are some tips you can use when sending out invitations to your guests.

  • Make sure the card you maket conveys the purpose of your gathering, that the cards shows the theme of the evening. For example - if it is for a baby shower make sure the card is the same theme/colors as the baby's nursery.
  • Have all your information for the evening on a separate piece of paper in the card that isn't attached. People can be forgetful and by placing the information on a separate piece of paper people can easily tag that on the fridge to reminder them selves.
  • Give the proper information for the evening like the date it will be, where it will be held, who/what the party is for, the time to arrive, who to RSVP to, and extra information like registries and such.
  • Ask guests to RSVP by a certain date. Let them know the deadline, a contact number, and who they need to contact. For example... "Please RSVP by Monday May 2nd to Mary Sue at 1-908-555-1254". This will help you know in advance on how much food and party favors that will be needed. Plus by giving a deadline it will help keep stragglers from taking too long to get back to you.
  • Make a few extras. It is nice to have extras just in case there is someone you forgot to invite. Plus it is fun to have an extra invitation for family scrapbooks and such.

If any of you have made some invitations you should post them and send a link. It would be great to see every ones ideas and crafts.


  1. Those rock! You are soooo creative.

  2. So much pressure...can I just email them? Just kidding! You are very talented!

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