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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Too Long of a Break

As always, I have been gone too long. I never mean to take a long break, they just kind of seem to happen. And then I get upset with myself and make a vow to be better and I start getting great posts together, fun crafts, and sweet stories... just to then take another break from all my hard work. :)

But we have all kind of updates as a family.

First of all, we are pregnant with number 2! I'm about 3 months along and we are excited for Lucy to have a sibling.

My parents are also getting ready to come back from India, which they have been there 3 years doing church/volunteer work. We are excited to have them home. We are excited for them to meet Lucy and to be here for our new addition.

Lucy is 2 and a half now and is super sweet and everywhere.... physically and emotional. :)

Curtis is working and doing school still... he will hopefully be graduating this year. School has been a slow thing for us since we try to make sure as a family school doesn't take over his time.

But things are going well, and I hopefully will be posting some fun new crafts and projects.


  1. That's so funny, I meant to ask you yesterday when you are going to start blogging again! I guess I don't have to ask anymore =)!

  2. That pregnancy thing sucks the brain cells (and energy) right out of you. No wonder you've taken a break! ;)

    Glad to see you blogging again!

  3. SO happy to see a post! And CONGRATS on #2! That is awesome news! Love the pics and you look great....as usual...=)

  4. Welcome back! I have missed you and your posts. Congratulations on #2! That is so exciting!

  5. WOW, congratulations to you and your hubby. I bet Lucy will be a great big sister and wonderful news to hear that your parents will be home, especially to meet their grandbabies. Looking forward to your future posts.