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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alaska Wolf Attack

Living here in Alaska has some wonderful perks... the beautiful outdoors, long sunny days, friendly people, and adventure at your finger tips. I grew up here and have loved it. But every once in a while you hear stories that reminds you of the danger here too.

A couple days ago a 32 year old special-ed teacher, Candice Berner, was out for a jog outside the village she teaches at. Unfortunately, that evening some snowmobilers found her body in the woods and discovered that she was attacked by wolves.

Such a sad story and a scary one too, not just because of what happened, but the fact people are unaware of is this is the first fatal wolf attack in Alaska history... and there are only a few in the world. Wolves have always stayed away from human, mostly. They are some of the most difficult animals to hunt because not only are the smart, but they can hear/smell us for miles and will stay away.

There have only been 3 fatal wolf attacks in the entire U.S. and they all involved wolves infected with rabies. So, the fear here in Alaska is.... did they have rabies or are they not afraid anymore? Such a sad story for someone who was out in a remote Alaskan village just trying to help and educate special need children.

So, everyone be careful out there... whether you are in Alaska, where the outdoors is your back yard, or living in Utah with bears, Florida with alligators, or Arizona with scorpions.... be safe and educate your self on the wilds out there.

Here is a link to the story on MSNBC http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35901428


  1. oh wow, that's really sad!!!

    and holy cow, I haven't been to your blog in a few months (I've barely paid attention to my own!) and your little one isn't quite so little anymore!!

  2. That is awful! I think sometimes we concentrate so hard on the hidden dangers we forget about the ones we know. :(

  3. Its hard to plan for dangers that are so uncommon like that... but I definenlty reminds me not to take nature for granted.

    And Leah.. thanks... yea. Lucy isn't so small any more... she is definently a mover/talker/yeller/spiller/dancer/running child :)

  4. M for D, I didn't know you were back! Thanks for coming by my blog. This IS a sad and scary story. You're right. we must all be careful. Wild animals are wild. Still, it sounded like this teacher had no reason to be concerned. Lord have mercy. Lucy is getting so big! Fun, fun, fun. I love the toddler years.