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Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun Children's Music

Ever since having a child a lot has changed... the things Curtis and I do, the time we have to ourselves, and even the kind of music we listen too. Instead of Curtis and I rockin' out to Yellowcard and MxPx as we head out snowboarding.... we are singing to "Princess and the Frog" while we head out to Toddler Time as the local swimming pool. What can I say... things have changed.

So, Curtis and I have been on a mission to find some good children's' music that doesn't want to make our drive our car off the road and I have to say, that this mission was harder than I thought it was going to be. But now, we actually have a play mix for Lucy.

We figured this information was important pass for the sanity of others :) So, hopefully you will all enjoy these as much as we do.

The Other Day I Met A Bear - by Bare Naked Ladies

Fast and Slow - by The Laurie Berkner Band

Three Little Birds - by Bob Marley (B is for Bob version)

Itsy Bitsy Spider - by O.A.R.

The Poopsmith Song - by Over the Rhine (this song you might not like... but we definitely got a kick out of it, one of the more weirder songs that I have ever heard )

Party In My Tummy - by Yo Gabba Gabba

7,8,9 - by Bare Naked Ladies

Five Days Old - by The Laurie Berkner Band

Somewhere Over The Rainbow - by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Lovely, Love My Family - by The Roots (this is my favorate)

La la la la Lemon - by Bare Naked Ladies

Hopefully you will enjoy these songs as our family has and save your ears the pain of having to listen to anymore Wiggle music :) You can find all these songs on iTunes as well.


  1. My four year old loves "Three Little Bears" - and I love to listen to her sing along while listening to it on her "3P player."

  2. That was "Three Little Birds" - sorry, I'm braindead. :^)

  3. Awesome!! Ellie is just starting to get into music, so this list is gonna be a lifesaver for us!

  4. Hey, Ty and I are wondering when you guys are coming to visit???

  5. You might try Trout Fishing in America. My kids love them and we like them too.

  6. We love "Family" by Laurie Beckner Band, also. It's pretty upbeat.

    Hope you are doing well!!

  7. You might also like Cedarmont Kids. We love the preschool songs!