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Thursday, November 17, 2011

How To Make An Infinity Scarf

I have been wanting an infinity scarf sooooo long for myself and have probably bookmarked a dozen. I so need to make me one, but I thought first it would be cute to make my sweet Lucy one, and she does look pretty cute :) I made this one from an old shirt that I just don't wear any more.
First get a shirt that you don't wear anymore, I wanted to find some with a pattern or that had a good textured knit look.

Cute where you can get the biggest and longest continuing strip, cause the bigger and longer the strip.. the fluffy/more gathered your scarf will turn out.

Cute your fabric down one seam so it wont be attached, but in a flat strip like so.

Now just fold it hot dog style with the pattern facing inward and sew. Once that was done you can turn the fabric facing outward and sew the ends together. Now you should have a completed infinity scarf!

If you find your strip isn't long enough, feel free to get areas of fabric from other parts of the shirt, cause this scarf is bunchy so you wont really be able to see all the seams/mistakes :) Gatta love that :)

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