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Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh So Long

Well hello world, yet again I have taken a way too long of a brake. I don't know what has happened to me... its like around the time Lucy was 18months I lost all free time and it has just gotten worse since.

The worst part is that I have kept on crafty, baking, building, and creating... but I just have not been posting. But I have a goal that I want to get back into blogging. It was something that I loved for so long and I enjoyed how many people visited and enjoyed contributing and commenting.

So here is a little bit of what has been going on...
Lucy is now 4 and in preschool (it really does go by as fast as everyone says it does)
Calvin in now 1 and walking
We are still in Alaska and Curtis is getting really close to finishing school.... HALLELUJAH!

and as weird as it is, things are actually calm and cool right now. Nothing rocking the boat, no meteor that is going to hit, no natural disaster heading our way. For about 3 years there it seemed like every few months some huge damaging thing was happening. It is nice to have a little bit of smooth sailing.

So hopefully I will be posting again a few times a week with fun stuff... especially now that I have finally discovered Pinterest!!!!!

Curtis and the kids watching "Star Wars" majoring edited, but Star Wars still :)

Calvin's first sink bath and loved it

Us making silly faces on our Utah trip

Lucy's favorite part of the Hoogle Zoo was the dinosaurs. Didn't care about the animals, just dinos

Family camping trip, Grandpa paid for horseback riding for everyone. Lucy was in love with her horse Yankee


Halloween Race, Lucy was Snow White and Curtis was her Prince

First snow fall of the winter

Lucy as Ariel and Calvin as Flounder... so wish I had posted this Tutorial for Halloween, if anyone is interested email me :)


  1. I'm also an alaska blogging transplant, and found your blog but would love a summary of why you ended up in alaska.

  2. Oh I was born and raised here, left for school, but my husband and I moved up here a few years ago. How bout you :)

  3. LOVE the new look of your blog and all your family pics! You have such a cute little family! Glad you are getting back into blogging...I've missed hearing about whats going on with you. Love ya!

  4. Hey! Welcome back to blogging! :)