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Friday, December 9, 2011

Elf on the Shelf

Have you been hearing a lot about Elf on the Shelf this holiday season? No? Well let me enlighten you. Elf on the Shelf was a tradition that started with one family. When the children asked their parents, "How does Santa know when we are naughty or nice" their parents informed that each family has an elf that watches over them during the holiday seasons and every night it flies back to the North Pole and reports to Santa. Then the elf flies back home and hides some place new to watch some more.
It is a really cute story and amazing how one family's tradition has turned into such a world wide movement. People get really into and find the most creative ways to hide/pose their little elf. Some elves are simply hiders, while others play funny little pranks... some elves ever made naughty little choices and get into the strangest things.

You can buy Elf on the Shelf from Target for about $29. It comes in a really nice box set... it provides an elf (different colored elves and features too, so check the box to see what kind of elf you want), a book explaining the story of the elf, and it all comes in a nice case that helps you keep the book and elf safe while in storage during the year.

The way we introduces Lucy and Calvin to the elf was we places the book under the Christmas tree. When we woke up Curtis and I started complaining about hearing noises last night that kept waking us up. After a little bit we all noticed the book under the tree. After guessing discussing how it got there we decided to sit down and read the book. The book explains what the elf does, how his magic works, when he leaves, and his job. After the book Lucy looked up and saw the elf sitting in our Christmas tree.

She was very confused and a little skeptical. She started asking questions and looking through the book trying to get some questions answered; leave it to our child to question EVERYTHING :) . Finally after a few silent moments she looks up from the book and stares at the elf and whispers, "This must be real". Curtis and I about died.

Lucy keeps telling me to talk to the elf and tell him "I love him" and she asked me to tell him what she wants for Christmas. It is already pretty cute and we are loving it already. I just excited for how we are going to hide him tomorrow.

The book even comes with a page to write when you started this Christmas tradition and the name of your elf (because the book says you need to name your own family's elf). You can even go online and register your elf on the official website and see other families elf.

So if you are looking for a fun family tradition to add to your holiday season, check out, Elf on the Shelf.

Here are some of the cute elf mischief I've seen and here is a link to some wonderful Elf ideas.


  1. we got ours on tuesday, my kids usually sleep until 730. They have been up running through the house every morning looking for "Dalton" and then come running, SCREAMING into my room to tell me at 530/6am. like its chrismtas morning every day. ITS OLD NOW. I am so tired. This weekend we will have a sturn talk with the kids about how santa doesnt like kids who wake up moms to early! haha. otherwise, he is sure cute

  2. HA HA HA HA! Oh I love it... but I feel so bad for you. Hopefully it wont get too crazy at our house. We are thinking about having "Ruxin" be a decorating elf and having him leave christmas cheer everyday. I am really excited to start :)

  3. We are doing this as well this year! I love it. Mostly Z is excited about where the elf is hiding each morning, but when he's older I think the whole idea will really kick in. Hope you are doing awesome!