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Friday, November 30, 2007

Carla's Visit

So my best friend came into town with her daughter Payten and stayed with us. It was great to see her again. But I think Curtis was a little over-whelmed...he made some comment about not understanding how someone would want polygamy....so I am guessing having a toddler, an infant, his wife, and a pregnant woman at his house was a little much! hah aa

But things have been great for us. Lucy is really smiling and cooing now. But the crazy thing is that Lucy rolled over on her side the other day and has done it about 4 or 5 times. So basically we think our child is a genius! Curtis has been so proud that he has been trying to do excercises with her to help her start crawling.

Okay now this is just cute!


  1. Hey Melissa- I love the blog site! It's way cute, and so is Lucy. I'm so excited to meet her, only a week till Alaska!

  2. Okay, time for a new post! I love the video of ziggy and i love all your pics! :) hope you are well. i have a pic of curtis on my blog right now, pretty freakin hilarious!