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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Long Time No See!

Okay so it has been a little while since I have last done a post on our website...so you will have to excuse me! Sorry sorry! But lots have happened. This Christmas we went up to Alaska to have my family see our new baby Lucy and she was a bit hit. We had a great time at The Gees espesally when we were playing Settlers of Catan till 2 in the morning and watching the Mittons play Wii...espesally Lillian trotting her leg like Thumper! Everything was just great. We even got to go a a sweet fancy date with The Nichols. The only thing that was bad was leaving.

But things have been crazy and busy for us. Between trying to still get a routien down with Lucy and us working and going to school we havn't had a real break and this trip helped.

But now we are back in the real world and setteling down.

Lucy has been great by the way. She has been sleeping wonderfully mostly with 6-8 hour streches, but last night she slept the whole time...a nice 10 hour strech! IT WAS AMAZING! I loved waking up before her. I never realized how much I could get done before she wakes up! ha haha! Now I just have to wait till she is old enough to help with chores! No more vacuming for me!!! ha ah ahah

But things really have been great and she has been wonderful. School is going smoothly and so is Curtis's job. He actually has an interview this Tuesday for a new position which we are excited about.

But enough about this...I will warn you though...because it has been a while we have a lot of photos to post so hopefully you will enough them!

This is my nephew Miles and Lucy compairing sizes. Miles is about 6 months older than Lucy!This is Claira and Miles and Lucy all crawling together

This is us at The Mittons playing the Wii. They are all running at the Sonic Olympics

This is Lucy meeting The Nichols for the first time and LOVIN" IT!

This is Lucy playing Settlers of Catan with Carinne, Kendall and Curtis

Lucy is kicking our butts! She has amazing stratagies!

Lucy trying out her swing again and it doing much better than before in it.

Lucy just started really grabbing things and here she is holding her bottle...it is really cute but also really annoying since she will move it out of her mouth just for fun!

This is Lucy helping me in the kitchen with dinner...notice the baby spatula

Us cooking some more


  1. Okay that little pink hat and suit is the cutest thing ever--next to Lucy. I miss her. And you of course--I miss you too :)

  2. Thanks for the new post. I so needed it! :) Lucy is still so tiny! Cute! Glad to hear you guys are well!