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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

From the Beehive State to the Last Frontier

Well, I feel like an official adult now. You would think I would already feel like one since...I'm married, have a child, can stay out late without calling mom and dad about curfew, but no....none of the above. You may ask yourself, "What was the momentous occasion that pushed this young girl into womanhood?".......the answer is.... MOVING.

I'm not talking about the hinky dinky packing of a U-haul...I mean hiring movers moving, picking up our lives and truckin' them across country, not from Utah to California.....but Utah to ALASKA! :) Is this is all so exciting? New? Adventurous? ANNOYING?...oh yea that's the answer.

I have never really moved anywhere. I was born and raised in the same house and even had the same bedroom my whole life. So this has been a whole new experience that has really opened my eyes as to how much you can root yourself into one place. I have been racking my brain about what offices/hospitals/schools that I need to call and get records/bills/forwarding addresses. This whole thing is making me want to get out of here sooner and settle in to our new place...and fast.

But as much as I am looking forward to moving back to Alaska, my home town, I am really going to miss a bit of stuff here in Utah that I can't get in Alaska...

1. Super Hot Summers
Don't get me wrong, I love Alaskan summers, but I get hot kind of easily and then cranky, but sometimes I really do love being outside and feeling that intense heat and just laying their in a hammock or grass letting it drain me. Alaska gets heat, but always with a nice light breeze and cover, not that desert/soon to see a mirage type of heat.

2. Outlet Malls
Utah has a lot of outlet malls and some pretty good ones too; Banana Republic, Old navy, Carter's, Oshkosh, Gap, and many many more. But as for Alaska....we just got some of these stores maybe 5-8 years ago. So I don't think there is a chance that we are having an outlet boom up there. But seriously there is nothing like getting a compliment on a cheap shirt and being able to say " Thanks, got it for $7 bucks!" It is a natural high for me.

3. Carpool Lanes
To have a carpool lane you need a freeway...and sad to say that Anchorage has no freeways, just highways. Who doesn't love that feeling of seeing a traffic jam, having your heart sink a little then....WAMMIE... you remember that your little one is in the back seat and you swing your car into that lane of freedom! Pure bliss.

4. Road Trips
My husband and I take last min trips all the time. We love sitting there trying to decide what to do for the weekend and then....bam....lets go to Vegas, Logan, California. We are spontaneous people who like having options. But, sadly to say, Alaska is a tad cut off from people....I mean there is always our neighboring Canadians, but I don't usually take a 15 hour drive to pick up authentic maple syrup and see a good hockey fight.. ehh :)

Don't laugh at me unless you have been there! Men have their Home Depot, Women have their IKEA! It is a haven to all. It is a two story warehouse filled to the top and bottom with everything from couches and beds to children's tea sets and stuffed animals. You can find everything to supply your room. Walk in and they have the top level mostly with rooms already set up so you can walk through and see everything out being used. You can literally buy everything in that those rooms....even the handles on closets and pencil holders on desks! Everything is labeled with a letter and number so later on you can go downstairs to the warehouse area and find your lamp in aisle B, number 23. Everything in the store is cheap cheap cheap. They do have some pricier stuff if you want, but as a whole, easy on the pocket book. They even have a restaurant there so you can take a break and eat while you shop. But ladies the best part is, is that some of them even have daycare to watch your children so you can shop in piece!

So goodbye my hot heat, carpool, outlet malls, and my IKEA. I will visit soon and wont forget you.


  1. I don't know if I'll ever feel completely grown-up. For me it has snuck up on me, bit by bit, the realization that I'm the mom, I'm the adult - it's very sobering.

    Thanks for your nice comment. I just added you blog to my feeder.

  2. I thought you looked familiar!! Thanks for your comment on my blog and good luck with your move!

  3. I cant believe your moving! Wow, that is exciting for you I bet. I cant wait to leave!! But of course you are right, there are things to be missed about Utah. I love your blog and all the cute picture of your baby! I hope everything goes well with your move!!

  4. Moving is always a pain! Good luck and hopefully it will go smoothly!

  5. Good Luck!

    My move is far shorter but it's already feeling pretty weird! Years of stuff to pack and memories to uproot.
    I'll be glad when it is over.

  6. Wasn't that the best when IKEA opened in Draper? We moved a couple weeks later to DC (where there's an IKEA 15 minutes away), but definitely went a couple of times and picked out our new apartment furniture! Good luck with the move!

  7. Wow! That is a HUGE change. I'm looking forward to reading about all of your adventures. :)

  8. Yea, we don't really need carpool lanes. We'd have to get more cars for that.

  9. We moved to Alaska this summer except we moved to Ketchikan... it's a city but much smaller then Anchorage and no need for freeways since it's an island we do have the highway but it's only 30 miles from one end to the other. We moved here from a much bigger city with all the things you described and yeah I do miss some of it but at the same time I like the simplicity and really don't miss the freeways!