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Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Closet is a Sad Place

Once in a while I walk into my room and catch a glimps of something from my past and I get a little sad; shoes.....well not just any shoes, but beautiful wonderful leather boots. I have always wanted a pair of nice leather boots and finally got a pair and they are perfect! They have a beautiful shine that keeps them from looking cheap while also keeping them from looking too....."Pretty Women". My mom is a sweetheart and a few years ago bought them for me because I think she got tired of seeing me wearing flip flops with my skirts and I have treasured them ever since.

But then I got pregnant and that changed everything.

It is hard enough that I still don't fit into my perfect jeans or all the cute shirts that I love, espesally since I was told that breast feeding help to "melt of the weight", but it is the boots that kills me. I can workout and loose weight and I slowly see myself getting closer and closer to those skinny jeans with every pizza slice I pass. But it kills me knowing that no matter how much I work out, my feet wont shrink.

So how long do I hold on to hope. Do I need to wake up from this dream and face reality? Hope for a mirical? ....... (Give my boots to my sister?)


  1. My feet went from an 8 to an 8 1/2 but the worse part is that I grew a bunionette on my left foot. This nice growth makes wide shoes necessary. UGH!

    But I take comfort in the fact that it is a bunionette (bunion on the bottom of the pinky toe instead of the big toe) because bunionette sounds so much cuter than bunion!

  2. Ack! The price of pregnancy my friend! There's other boots out there...and you'll find the perfect ones for your new feet. I promise!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. It is nice to meet you :)


  3. From someone who has been down this road can I just say that you need to put those boots in the back of the cupboard, and try them next winter. Your feet WILL shrink again. Mine did! And in the meantime, get another flat pair!!

    Thanks for visiting! I love to meet new friends.

  4. Those boots are beautiful. I have always wanted a pair just like that but could never justify it to myself.
    I can see why it bothers you so much. Also, my feet went from a 7 to an 8 after having 4 kids and I do not see them shrinking anytime soon.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! I always enjoy meeting new people.

    I love boots. :-) So I can understand why you'd be sad about not fitting into them. But don't worry, you might someday.

  6. I LOVE those boots. I have the same problem, but mine are with a cute pair of heals, they are just too darn narrow now for my feet! THanks for visiting my blog...I like when I get comments...I feel popular LOL

  7. Ack - what a drag. Those boots are awesome!

  8. i did end up wearing a lot more flats when i was preggers...but i went back to my stylish heals & boots as quickly as i was healed from delivery (and maybe before that even). :-) I try to be practical if i absolutely need to be...but leaning toward style instead of practicality does reign in my closet still...just not 100%. :-) *elizabeth

  9. Count yourself lucky to have ever fit into boots like that us large "calves" (is that what they are called ankle to knee lol i don't know) girls could never dream of wearing such boots. And yet I try every time I see boots that cool. I guess I like dissapointment. Thanks for stopping by and your jekle and hyde baby is gorgeous either way. wink!

  10. Oh, breastfeeding will definitely make that weight come off ... just keep at it. People tell me I look thinner now than I did before I got pregnant!

    As for the boots, I wonder if a cobbler-type person could help you figure out how to make them work. Someone who repairs shoes might have an idea.

  11. I really think that you could donate the boots to me (I don't know what size they are) because they are so great. Then when I get pregnant I could pass them on. We could make a sisterhood of traveling boots.. hmm. Think about it!

  12. I think I had those very same boots on my wish list for Christmas. They are gorgeous!!!


    That's my vote :)

  14. hehe I saw scribbits comment and laughed.....
    My feet grew when I was having my kids. I have 4 and they didn't seem to be going back when I was still having them since they are all so close. Once I was a couple of years out of having kids they finally went back to their old size again.