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Friday, February 1, 2008

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

My daughter is a sweet, happy, easy going, pleasant baby.......most of the time. This last week I think my patiences has been pushed to the max. I may have sworn to Lucy that she will be an only sibling more than once in these last few days. I believe she has made sport out of pushing me to the max. Every trick I have in my book has been thrown at her...bouncy chair - no, play lights - no, Bumbo - no, even car rides - no........ carrying her everywhere I go - YES!
If any of you seen the movies "Gremlins" you will under stand what I mean when I say, putting my child down is like feeding a gremlin after midnight. Prepair for WWIII! Does every child go through this fase and please how long does it last? I asked my mom and she was the one who I think put it best....
"Mom did any of us go through a fase where we didn't want to be put down?"
"Oh everyone of you did"
"Um....well.....how long does it last?"
"As long as it takes to know you wont carry them every where"
So I guess it will be a battle of my patiences against my arms.....which will give out first!

My angel sleeping My gremlin awake


  1. If you don't mind carrying her, so long as your hands are free to do other things, you could always try wearing the baby. Mamatoto.org is a good resource for various ways to use a simple piece of cloth as a carrier, or you can Google "babywearing".

  2. Thanks! Yea we have a baby carrier and my husband found it and strapped her in last night and actually did a really good job. We were able to actually get some things done last night :)

  3. When our oldest child was a baby, he did this same thing. As soon as I picked him up he was fine. I thought I had spoiled him until he wouldn't stop crying at night.

    I took him to the doctor and he has an ear infection. The doctor said that when I laid him down, the fluid went against his infected ear drum and that is why he cried.

    I felt terrible! He was prone to ear infections.

  4. She is really cute though - even when she is crying!

  5. It's lasts until they go to college. Depressing, huh? I agree about wearing the baby. There are so many great slings out there and it would help you to get things done while she's with you.
    Hang in there mom it does get better, at least until they start talking. ;)

  6. She is so cute. I think they want you to carry them around until they are old enough to run away from you. Then you spend you time chasing them.All four of my kids wanted to be held all the time. I walked around with them in a baby packs. And then with child 2 and 3 and child 3 and 4. I wore a pack on the front and one on the back to go grocery shopping. I am glad I do not do that anymore. When you write it down it sounds ridiculous.

  7. Aw, she just loves her mama!

    I love that little hat with the wiener dog!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a very cute little girl! I love the picture of your husband and her playing the Wii together.

    And even though it won't make you feel any better- it is a phase and will pass soon!

  9. Oh my word! She is adorable! I don't know if I would be able to put her down. She is too cute!!!
    Baby carriers are a God-send. I wouldn't have gotten anything done without it when I had my third.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. It is really nice to "meet" you!

  10. thanks for stopping by...wanted to let you know that I'll be doing a giveaway for a personalized story! check back at my blog soon and tell your friends...it will be open to nonbloggers as well as bloggers! *elizabeth

  11. Those pictures are awesome!
    I say if she wants held, hold her. Easiy for me to say, huh? I have been through it 4 times. All of mine were like that. She'll grow out of it and you will have some nicely toned arms to show for it. :)

  12. What a cutie pie!

    Yes, this too shall pass... unfortunately, the only way to get a break right now is to hold her. (wearing her is a good idea too)

    Just remember, one day you'll long for the days just holding her would make her happy.

  13. She is the cutest Gremlin I have EVER seen LOL. My boys are five and they still like to be carried around...soon they will be carrying me LOL

  14. Your mom is wise woman. All babies want to be held all the time, so don't worry there is nothing wrong with her.

    I have to say your child is simply lovely. She is so pretty.

  15. Just called to say thanks for visiting and your kind comments.

    My advice is to carry your baby around for as long as you can, because in what will seem like about three weeks, she'll be going off to university.

  16. You have my sympathy! Whenever Emma was teething she would get an ear infection so she was just grumpy and miserable. And not sleeping.

  17. Wow she's grown! Check out that pudginess. Adorable, just adorable.

  18. She is adorable even crying....
    Love the hat

  19. At least she has really cute Dr. Jekyll moments!

  20. What a horrible way to descibe your daughter!!! She probably just needs something! Try attending to her needs. She is trying to communicate something to you. Listen to her. I hope she never finds out that you compared her to a gremlin.