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Monday, January 7, 2008

An Issue You May Not Want To WEIGH In On.

Well this time of the year is one that many may fear....post Christmas gorging awakening. If your family is anything like my family, the way you socialize is by eating, show you are having a good time by eating, want to show your love for one another? You guessed it....BY EATING!

Well this normally wouldn't be so bad, but when one has maybe ....lets say....had a little girl named....lets call her Lucy, you really don't need to throw on 5 Christmas pounds on top of the other 45 baby pounds one has to loose.

So I have been really trying hard to undo the damage from Lucy and Christmas. My problem is that with being a stay-at-home mom I have a bigger temptation to snack while I am home. Because of this I have really found some nice tricks to help keep myself on the wagon. My big theory is that eat health for breakfast and lunch and don't worry about dinner. I don't mean go crazy, but don't freak. Especially if you are in my situation where you are trying to watch what you eat, but you don't want to force your husband to eat what you do. Here is just a small list of things I love to eat for my meals that also keep me on that wagon.

Slim Fast
I love slim fast, but not a dinky little can that aren't filling, but the shakes. I will make the shake, but then also blend in fruit to make it have a nice kick, plus filling and I am bad about eating fruit so this is a nice way to sneak in frozen berries or bananas. I will also throw in some fiber...which brings me to my next trick. I find the the chocolate flavors work best with this option.

Fiber is a wonderful little thing that grab on too extra stuff in your body and flushes it out. And I like that sound of that....so I will throw fiber into my breakfast food or in dinner. These is this wonderful product called Fiber-sure which is a tasteless powder. One serving is 5grams of fiber and a daily recommendation is about 20 grams I believe. But please start with a low dose of fiber or you will be regretting it the next day. You will have to build your self up to a fiber level on your on time schedule :)

Yoplain Yogurt
Love love love yogurt! Yogurt with granola, yogurt with fruit, and yogurt WITH yogurt! I find the tasty dessert flavors like, Boston Creme, Key Lime, Lemon Moraign, or Strawberry White Chocolate. All I can say is yum yum yum!

Scrambled Eggs
I feel pretty this is pretty self explanatory, if you like boiled eggs then that too, but hard yoke? Yuck! Sandwiches
I love sandwiches. Get the money to invest in some serious sandwich food. Deli meat, deli cheese, and keep frig stocked with all the veggies you love in ready to use. There is nothing like a really really good sandwich with the perfect amount of cheese, mustard, onions....ohhhhh I don't think I should keep talking...I'm getting drool on the keyboard.

Besides eating good foods for two of you meals I also don't buy the bad foods. I wont buy snacky foods, cause if there are not snacky foods in the house...you can eat them. SO basically I will try to make sure that there are only healthy snacks in the house so if I need to snack I can, but on fruit, yogurt, string cheese, not Oreo or cheese-its.

But my big believer is don't eat cereal...I know I know...please don't cry. I love cereal too. I could eat it for every meal of the day and just be happy...maybe even a pure bliss kind of happy :) But cereal is a sneaky devilish food that gets you eating more than you should. A normal serving of cereal is about 150 calories for 1/2 a cup-3/4 cup and that is without the milk. Who eat 1/2 a cup..... more like a 1 1/2 cups. So for the cereal alone you are looking at300-450 for the cereal, plus the milk of 1 cup-1 1/2 of milk.....100-150 calories...sooooo your nice bowl of cereal ends on being 550-700 calories (give or take more of less milk and skim to %2 milk) And if you are like me you might eat your one bowl for breakfast but what about later at night. I love a late night bowl of cereal...and WHAMMY! 1,100 to 1,400 calories for cereal in ONE DAY! It is a horrible trap I can't fall into. I just don't buy cereal. I can't have that emotional battle every morning of cereal or not.

But these is my lay out of post Christmas damage. And of course excising and portion watching. But hope you all had a Eating Christmas and a Fatty New Year!

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  1. glad to see you guys decided to re enter the world of blogging! :) we were wondering about you guys. Colton fits into the clothes you gave him and they look so cute! The blue onesie looks so pretty with his eyes.