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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fit For Your Little Princess

This Christmas my family had a cousin exchange...and not we didn't swap kids, but each cousin got another cousin a present. My nephew David had our daughter Lucy. His mom (my sister) Michelle helped him make his present and I have to say that.... IT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER!

She made a travel/quiet play box. This toy is perfect for church, doctors office's, and hey just quiet time at home (of course this reason is more a plus for you than them) You can let your
little darling play rescue the princess wherever she wants to.

All you need is to go to a craft store like Michael's, Roberts, or Joann and pick up a few things...

Box, preferably with lock to not spill toys

Wooden Pegs (you can use clothes pins also if you wanted) for the people

Felt Fabric for cloths, crowns and box liner

Flannel fabric to play the pieces on

Yarn for princess and witches hair

Pearls for the princess

Wood burning tool to burn an image into the box lid

Black paint for eyes (they have little tiny bottles of puffy paint that will work)

And whammy, you have a cute little portable play box.

One thing that is great is that if you don't have a little princess of your own, but a darling prince you can make this for him. Just substitute people for cars, dinosaurs or such and just burn a cave for the dinos or track for cars on top. If you girl isn't into princess than you can get animals and burn a farm.....getting the idea?

But I have to say that my favorite part of the play box was the witch... she just crack me up and I thought it was just cute cute cute...also the little mini pearl necklace on the princess.

If you are loving these toys, but may not have the most creative thumb you can by them soon from my sister Michelle at http://www.scribbit.blogspot.com/ or at Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5167493

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  1. Okay you're giving away my secrets :)

    Just kidding, actually I've got about a dozen of these that I'm going to throw into my Etsy shop when I post about how to make them. GLad you like it :)

    Kiss Lucy for me!