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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Can't live without my Bumbo

Every mom has something that make their life a little easier. That one special item that will calm your little one or help her go to sleep or keep her entertained so you can try to get something done ...like....... showering.

My life saver lately has been Lucy's Bumbo. Bumbo? you say. Well it is this foam seat that helps your child to sit-up and keeps them in place and she loves it. I have her in a bouncy chair a lot but sometimes that just doesn't do it for her and then I place her in the Bumbo.

I don't know how many mornings I try to get ready so I place her in her bouncer and I can make it through a shower and then she starts to get fussy....but no problem here. I just pick her up and place her on the washing machine next to me in her Bumbo and then we do make-up together and get ready. She is happy cause she is up and seeing the world, plus it is easy for me to just turn to her and talk, keeping her entertained long enough to curl my hair.

It is great too while I am blogging and checking emails cause I can place her right on this desk while I work. Actually Lucy is in on the desk in her Bumbo as I speak...well I should say as I type. Cooking....no problem also!!! As you can see this list does goes on and on of possibility! So thank you mom and dad for buying her the Bumbo, life has become a little easier.

I know you can get Bumbos at Babies R Us, Burlington Coat Factory, On-line too. They cost about $39.99. But you may have a hard time finding one right now because there is a recall on them; not because they aren't safe, but parents were leaving their kids unattended on furniture and kids were getting hurt. So they are putting MORE stickers saying "Don't leave your kids unattended". All I can say is DUHHHHH


  1. And you've seen the Bumbo videos on You Tube right? Third is the best.

  2. I've been wondering about those Bumbo's.... (and I'm on my 3rd child! lol)

    I LOVE the pic of Lucy by the computer!