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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spin Me Right Round

Okay! So we are here, safe and sound. We have moved into the house, without most of our stuff, but still feeling pretty settled in. It is actually kind of nice not having our things here, because now we don't have to deal with them. I am more than happy to hold off on UNpacking. But since we have been here it has been great, had dinners with family, see each other, played games. It has been just nice to be around everyone again.
The only down side to this "moving our whole life" has been car shopping. I have only done it once in my life, but I do remember the car salesmen making me cry....no joke. Okay....so I miiiight be kind of a weenie, and feel guilty easy, and feel pressure fast, but still....he made me cry. So...I haven't really been looking forward to going through the whole ordeal again.But after going through the shopping process several times in the past couple days; I think I finally have the whole sales-bit down...

1. You are king of the castle...they want you there and you are happy to be there.

2. They will show you what is best for you...even if what is best for you is outside your spending limit.

3. They are kind enough to INFORM you of what little you know about cars, even though you did your research.

4. Now you are just being ridiculous with your ideas of what a fair price is.

5. They inform you that they could get a better deal through someone else/whole sale/through another deal/or/parts.

So I think I have the hang of it now and all I can say is....Private Party Seller.


  1. Car shopping sucks doesn't it? I am ready to loose my mind.

  2. Good luck with the creepy sales persons, I have hated car shopping every time I have had to do it, and had problems with private sales too! Hopefully you will find exactly what you need and in your price bracket!!

  3. Totally agree...car buying has to tbe the worst thing out there. However, our family has bought cars from the same guy at the Chevy dealership in our town and he is great. It is to the point now where we tell him what we want and at what price, and it is ours. No hassles at all.

  4. That picture of the car salesman totally sums it up!


  5. Car shopping is the WORST! David and I set four rules. If one of the salesmen broke a rule, we stood up and left. It worked really well for us, but it still sucked! Good luck!

  6. yea! you made it to alaska! gotta love the greasy used car salesman!

  7. Yuck - I hate car shopping - especially as a woman...

  8. I agree with one of the other posters, "That picture of the car salesman totally sums it up!"

  9. Oh godddd creepy salesmen are the worst. We recently bought a sofa and I ended up saying (calmly but very firmly) "We have rather firmly decided that while we appreciate your warranties and the bonuses you receive for selling them, we are NOT going to buy one". It was awesome–-there was a moment of silence, and I think he felt better of continuing to try. ;-)

  10. (stupid auto-entry, sorry)

    I hope your reentry to Alaska is smooth and quick. I'm completed intimidated by the idea of car shopping in the US too - there's no haggling here. There's a list price, take it or leave it.

  11. glad to hear your in Alaska,
    The salesman is a bit eerie! nice shot of him...lol!
    Relax, enjoy the unpacking;)

  12. Car shopping over here isn't any better either so good luck on that front. Glad you are settling in too. Can't wait to hear what car you get??

  13. I love your blog...the pic of you and your sweet babe...what a hoot.

  14. You're all moved!!!! Yeah settling in is always the dreadful part. And the whole car buying situation had me cracking up. I am the same way which is why I bring my mom. She always seems to intimidate the salespeople. Poor guys.

    RYC: probably better to stay away from jogging when it's icy out. Don't want injuries!!!!! I'll be reading up on your adventures to a whole new world!!!!

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  16. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your family portraits on the side. Good luck with your new life in Alaska.

    I will be back!

  17. I am so glad you made it safely :)

    I am sorry that a car-salesman made you cry! We usually cry after we get the car home and realize that we have a lemon on our hands.

    I hate buying cars, too.

  18. HEre is my overly stereotypical experience with used car salesmen:
    1. They all smoke... a LOT. Even the women. If they don't smoke they don't really care about sellinga car to you because they don't plan on being a car salesman forever.
    2. They have no problem making "chummy" and insulting remarks about you to your face. For some reason they think it will make you feel like family.
    3. For every 10 minutes that you DON'T buy a car from them you become increasingly stupider in their eyes.
    4. If you try to point out HUGE failings in the car they are showing you they will explain it as being perfectly normal in a used car. Then thye will give you some insane idea on how to "fix" it yourself (like using an old gum wrapper to wedge the gas tank cover closed)

    Conclusion from all my research?
    Private Party is the ONLY way to go.

  19. I actually know a lot about cars so it's kind of fun when they start all their stuff telling about the pretties they think you'll go for because your female. I usually turn in around on them so they realize I know what I'm talking about.