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Monday, June 30, 2008

4th July Craft Tutorials

Every year my family celebrates 4th of July... shocker... I know, but we aren't the hugest holiday people, but for 4th of July it is a big deal because it is a cluster of celebrations for our family. Not only is it 4th of July, but my father's birthday, my grandpa's birthday, my sister's birthday (on the 5th) and my other sister's birthday (on the 8th). So, as you can see, we have a lot to celebrate. But what is really cool about this year, is that.. it is my first year celebrating it with the family since I have been married, WHICH MEANS... that now I get to start help planning and bringing food to the party.

I have been really excited... looking up recipes, homemade crafts, and fun park games, trying to find exciting things to add to our day (well, we will see how many I actually do). I have really wanted my first year helping out to be a good one. So, here are some of the fun decorations and crafts that I have stumbled upon. I am still trying to decide which and how many I will actually do for this weekend.

Here are some fun streamers that kids will have fun at parades and other celebrations with. With just a few strands of ribbon you can create an accessory that looks cool when kids run or dance with it, plus even as an adult... you know you want to twirl with one too!

Want a bike that'll stop traffic? These are some fun decorations and instructions to put fun decorations onto your children's bikes, so they will look more like a parade float than bikers.

If you are REALLY wanting to get into the 4th of July spirit, make these simple chair covers. But what is great about this pattern, is that you can customize the pattern for any holiday occasion.

This craft is great for kids to do or adults, if you are looking to make a wind sock. You can make this patriotic wind sock from an oatmeal box, construction paper, string, and crepe paper streamers.

Want to really get crafty!?!?! Well, here is a wonderfully done banner that was originally made for a "Happy Birthday" banner, but could easily be a 4th of July one. This is one that I have been trying to get my self to do for this weekend.

Here is a fun old-fashion patriotic pinwheel, a real simple-to-make pinwheel for older children. (This craft uses a push-pin, so it may not be suitable for younger children.)

These are just picture perfect lanterns that are probably just as fun to make as they are to look at.

But the truly best website for 4th of July crafts and decorations is the Martha Stewart website. She has lanterns, clothes pins, flags, drink decor, and even homemade patriotic door mats! She has tutorials for them all and beautiful pictures to match. Here is the list of 4th of July crafts she has posted.

So, if any of you happen to do some of these, please let me know, I would love to see them. I bet a lot of these are going to turn out REALLY cute!


  1. Everyone celebrate July 4th…Well, thanks for sharing the July 4th craft tutorials.

  2. I LOVE the 4th of July, so these will be great fun for us to do with the kids!

  3. I love the 4th! It is SO much fun! cute ideas!

  4. The 4th is just about my favorite holiday. I love it! I think I get more excited about than the boys do. Our town goes all out with SO MUCH fun stuff to do, it is just so exciting.
    The last few years the hubby and I have been hosting a cookout so those decorations will be perfect! Thanks!

  5. I think I will try at least one of those, but I'll let you know.

    The 4th of July is my favorite holiday and Callee's b-day is the 9th.

  6. Happy 4th! Go hug a moose for me. Oh, and I think we could be persuaded to come up there by some patriotically-decorated bagel things... well, at least I could...

  7. Excellent! a way to use all those oatmeal boxes! We don't generally have a big freeforall (no birthdays in July except one at the very end), but that oatmeal box streamer thing could serve for a number of applications.

  8. Wow, your family does have a lot to celebrate. If I were in your shoes I would bring the water melon and call it a day. :) All joking aside, the crafts are great. Have fun!

  9. as always adorable ideas friend!!

    i really just can't wait till beans is old enough for all your fun crafty projects :)

  10. Such cute ideas! My favorite is the idea for the streamers for the kids to play with at the parade. I made a wand to lead the kids in singing time for church a few Sundays ago...heaven knows I really made it just because I wanted to play with it ;o)

  11. Being Canadian I always do a Canada Day cake!
    Happy 4th of July to you!

  12. Happy 4th! Its my birthday too - the big 31! Whoopee. Our family is getting together for a big shindig. Food, fireworks, etc. But no flag cake. I put the big nix on that one. Having a July 4th b-day is kind of like a Christmas b-day, it all can get lumped together if you're not careful. Anyway, your craft ideas are great. Love me some parades and such. Have a great one!

  13. The streamers are a great idea as a substitute for sparklers. Not that I'm against sparklers per se; I think the sparklers that are made now just don't have enough umph. Now when I was kid, those things lasted forever. But now, fizzle. But maybe I'm the only one who thinks that. Thanks for pictures too! Cute stuff!

  14. I'll just be going to a parade. I'll be mentioning your award soon but no idea what it's called?

  15. Thanks for the bike decorating ideas. Those will come in handy!

  16. My Dad's family used to do a crazy country parade and celebration complete with costumes and tractors pulling wagons. I got too old for it and thus began to dread the 4th. Maybe one day when we have our own traditions I'll enjoy it more. Don't get me wrong! I am proud to be American. Just not that into it right now.

    Cool decorations none the less.

  17. What a great holiday for your family with so many people to celebrate! Great ideas too. Have a wonderful time!

  18. Great ideas. I just hope I catch some good fireworks.

  19. I. am. shocked.
    YOU celebrate the 4th?
    I tease.
    You always have the best crafty ideas!!!
    Too bad I am not good at the crafty!

  20. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I found it neat that you live in Anchorage. My sister lives in Palmer (works part time in Anchorage)and my mother lives in Wasilla. My family hopes to make it to AK to visit someday. Have a great 4th.

  21. Happy 4th of July! You have a lot going on to celebrate (that's how our December is with birthdays).

    You are so creative girly!

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