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Monday, August 18, 2008

Nature Walk Box From Scribbit

Sorry for the late post and honestly... sorry for me being flaky with my blog these last few weeks. I don't know why, because we havn't been THAT busy, but I keep finding myself tired, overwhelmed, and really not following through with things. So, I decided to kind of take a break from being a good blogger. It was nice, I mean... don't get me wrong, I wasn't sitting around the house in a lush silk robe eating bon-bons all day, but it was just nice to not have to be my regular compulsive blogging self. I got time to do so many of the things I ignore when I blog... you know what I mean... laundry, dishing, vacuuming, making lunch for the kids... uh... wait.... scratch that last one! :) So, now I am back and hopefully more on the ball!

I had a fun craft I have been working on for 2 weeks now and I was allllll excited to get it posted and to show all of you how to do it (I guess you will just have to wait till next week). But instead, I saw this fun activity/craft project over at Scribbit a few weeks ago and just thought what a GREAT idea it was, plus summer is quickly slipping away, so it might be nice to get this last activity in before the season is gone. Scribbit made a fun color coded nature walk box where you simply take an empty carton of eggs and color each cup with a different color. Then send the children out (to give you some piece) to find something out in nature that is matching that color.

This I think is just so creative and fun. Besides it just being something fun to do in the backyard, it can also help keep children busy on hikes, camping trips, or park picnics if they are getting board. So, hop over to Scribbit and check out all her information on the color coded nature walk box.


  1. Oh, so fun! We always have empty egg cartons we can use!

  2. I am a huge Scribbit fan and didn't see that one! I think that is a great idea! I will have to give it a try with my kiddos, thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great idea - I think my 2 1/2 year old would LOVE that!

  4. No need to apologize and Welcome Back! :)

    Sounds like fun... maybe I will send the man out on a nature hunt ;)

  5. I haven't posted anything for four days. I feel so naughty. ;)
    Fun post!

  6. i just love this idea!!! i am going to use it this week and get myself some of those precious moments where the children are busy doing something that doesn't involve me!

  7. That is so cool! I will have to try that!

  8. Oh good idea. Hmmm, I wonder how many creepy crawly things they will find for green? lol

  9. Great idea. This could be a fun homeschooling project. Ot how about even a birthday party game. See which team comes back first?

  10. love it :)

    and glad you are back to the bloggy world. although pretty sure you were in fact eating bon bons - tee hee :)

  11. Love it, what a great idea!

    I too know that flakey, just haven't been blogging feeling myself.

  12. hello!
    i just came across your blog.
    it seems like a really fun spot. :) i love the nature walk idea. i would love to give this a try.

    your baby is adorable...but i bet you knew that.

    have a great day!

  13. I try not to get sucked into that pressure of HAVING to post in order to meet peoples expectations. It's hard not to though.

    I think we all know exactly what you're talking about...good for you and don't worry about losing readers...the people who love you will come back regardless of how often you post.

  14. That really is a great idea. I've never heard of Scribit before - will have to check it out.