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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympic Games

Have you been lovin' the Olympics? I think this is the first year where I been truly interested and actually following some of their stories. It has been fun to see Michael Phelps try to break the record and watching how well China is doing. But why should we only enjoy the Olympics on the TV when you can also enjoy them as a family with... THE 2008 FAMILY OLYMPICS!!!!!

Here are some events that the family can play...

Potato Sack Race - If you don't have potato sacks then big Hefty bags are great for it. The kids can even decorate their bags with paint or stickers.

Egg Drop - Gets some eggs. Pair people up in twos, each group gets an egg. Have the people stand a little ways away and then one tosses the egg to the other. Every time they take a toss, the teams members have to take one step back. They continue to toss and to take steps back until the egg breaks. This is really fun to do and the kids will love breaking the eggs and decorating them.

Three Legged Race - Nough' said.

Pie Eating - You can find those cheap metal tin pie plates at Walmart and fill them with whip cream and bananas if you don't want to buy several pies. You all know you want to do this one, because honestly, who doesn't want to do one!? Any excuse to eat pie is a good excuse.

Bean Bag Toss - Gets some bean bags and make targets out of pillows, old coffee cans, or Tupperwear. Mark each container with certain points and the highest score wins!

Hide-n-Go Seek - This one is great if you have little little kids. Who ever is the last one to be found wins.

And don't forget the other classic games too, like Horse, jump rope, or 4 square.

And last but not least, the award ceremony. Make sure that you have made some gold, silver, and bronze medals for the winners. You can easily make some from construction paper, tin foil, or yogurt lids. So, get in the Olympic spirit and have the family games.

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  1. pie eating??

    hello why don't they have that at the real olympics!!

    best sport ever!!

  2. They used yogurt lids on the OFFICE! It was hilarious!

    I have been telling people that Marco Polo needs to be an Olympic sport.

  3. So you decorate the eggs after they break? Are the eggs hard-boiled or raw? Obviously we would have to do that one outside. In the woods. My luck would be the kids egging the neighbors' car. Of course that introduces another event - sprinting! LOL
    Great ideas! Keep them coming.

  4. What fun ideas! I think the young ones would love it. My kids are glued to the TV watching the real thing. Fun post. I wrote a Family Moment Monday post. (But after writing it I wondered if it's really what you have in mind for FMM. It involves a lesson I've learned as a mom, but is not exactly something the whole family has learned, you know. Let me know if I've gone off course a little:-)

  5. We had an Olympic themed family night on Friday! We made our own personal flags and had Chinese food....

  6. fabulous ideas! I am taking the kids to my Parents house in Newport, RI... I think we will have Olympic Pool Jumping today! As for the pie eating, that is one sport I do well at!!!

  7. My boys would love these games!!!

  8. I remember watching the Olympics with my parents when I was younger. That was so fun. And those are great ideas for an at-home plympics session. We did something similar by building a "Ninja Warrior obstacle course' in the back yard. If you've ever seen the show Ninja Warrior, you will know how funny it was to see two toddlers clamboring over upside down chairs and under tied jump ropes to race for the finish line. It was hilarious.

  9. Great idea! This reminds me of a great low-ropes course I did once. I bet you every generation would love doing this stuff, even Grandma and Grandpa!

  10. I am LUVIN the Olympics...we will have to do this. I shall take some pictures and post. Maybe this weekend.

    Have you ever looked at all the events in the Olympics...if not you should. I can't believe I actually watched a Badmitton match the other day. I was like..really? LOL

    Happy Monday!

  11. I witnessed my husband in a sack race on Saturday (not quickly enough to get the camera out, unfortunately) at his work party, and it was pretty hysterical! My kids enjoyed seeing Daddy jumping around in a sack as well. LOL!

    what fun ideas for families!

  12. How much fun! I think that is a wonderful idea for tonight! I have to say, I'm still working on getting things together after our trip. We just got back yesterday, so fun pics and stories soon to come!

  13. I think I like this family moment Monday the best so far. All of your ideas are great. But this one is more physically activite and since I am not so creative when it comes to making crafts... I just love it!

  14. Sounds like a fun way to spend a weekend with the kids.

  15. Love the family Olympics ideas! What fun, and it gets into the whole Olympic fever. We've been watching it as a family and loving it. Makes me feel so patriotic and in awe of athletes all around the world for their skills and talents.

  16. Ooo I'm so down with the pie eating! :) Gold for shizzle!

  17. I have something for you on my blog today!