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Monday, January 12, 2009


Us Rappleyes are board game people... we love em! Curtis and I spent many of our nights, while dating, playing card games and Life (we were so cool :) ). Once we got married we started throwing in Sorry, Monopoly, and Scene It. And now... well... we are game snobs that party with the elite like Settlers of Catan, Bohnanza, and Spy Alley. We love finding games people haven't heard of, learning new ones, and introducing them to people.

Our latest fetish right now is Carcassonne and don't let it fool you that it is made by the Germans... cause I don't know about you, but when I think of Germans I don't usually think of a fun jovial bunch.... but apparently they sure do know their way around board games.

Carcassonne is a fairly simple game about farmers, monks, knights, and robbers. Players will take turns grabbing tiles of land and laying them down to build a valley. As you lay your tile down you also place people to do actions. There are farmers who feed the cities you build, monks that watch over the monasteries, knights that guard a city, and thieves that plunder the roads. Players will try to give their lands as many tiles and points as they can while also trying to block off and upset the other players fields as much as possible. This game definitely keeps you on your toes cause the board and situations change with ever turn.

This game is truly addictive and fun to play. We especially like it because it is just as fun two player as it is with a whole group. The game says it is best for children 7 and up and can be played two to five players. You can find Carcassone on Amazon.com for about $22 right now and it seems to usually go for about $30 most places.

What are some favorite family games that you play?


  1. my husband and i are total gamers! this christmas we got 4 new games and carcassone was one of them and we've been playing settlers for over a year now. theses are the ones we recommend:

    *puerto rico
    *ticket to ride: we have the us version, but played the marklin one last weekend and we liked it way better!
    *power grid
    *thurn and taxis, which my husband says he doesn't like, but i think it is only because he lost! i loved it and, no, i didn't win!

    there are still several out there that i want to try! we have almost weekly game nights! it is great fun to get together with other couples and play last into the night! a great way to get to know others!

  2. We are big board game fans too and now that my son is getting older he is becoming a fan too and can actually participate in grown up board games. Now that is a true joy...there's only so much of Candyland, Chutes and Ladders a mom can endure!

  3. We like Scrabble, Blokus, PDQ, and Catch Phrase. I think games are great family activities.

  4. My hubby and I love games as well, but we always want to play them with other people. Our favorites are Progressive Rummy as well as Hand and Foot.
    Our friends introduced us to an awesome game the other week called Ticket to Ride. Very fun!

  5. We love Monopoly, and Life. And of course..Candyland. :)

  6. We love games around here too. The favorite games of the moment are Cadoo and Pictureka, both of which we got for Christmas. One of my all time favorites is Scattergories.

  7. We are big Scrabble players... and I love Yahtzee. :-)

  8. UNO even my 2 year old plays with us. It is great for learning colors. And matching numbers. They also love candyland but the box got ripped (does this happen to anyone else or is just me?) so now pieces are missing. Cardboard doesn't hold up to tow kids. MAttell needs to come up with something sturdier.

  9. I love playing board games, sadly though, my husband grew up in a non-game playing family. So I have done what I can instituting a "game night" for our children. Thankfully, my husband is coming around for the sake of the children.

    I love Trivial Pursuit, but I have no one to play with. :(

  10. Yes, it's me again, finally, playing catch up on the blogs I've so neglected in the past 2 months.
    We love games too. We like Quiddler and Flex - they're both card games and I think they're available at places like Barnes and Noble, but we got ours online years ago before they got that popular.
    Carcassonne startled me because that's the name of a small community about 20 minutes from us here in Kentucky!