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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Family Moment Monday Reminder

This Monday will be the beginning of me posting again and we will be starting with a Family Moment Monday. I just wanted to let all you regulars know that we WILL be having F.M.M. for this coming Monday and for all you newbies out there, feel free to join and post on F.M.M.; feel free to write a post about family activities, games, movies, crafts, lessons, thoughts, or even parenting tips. Post ideas can be for all ages or even for certain age groups; activities for a whole family or something just for the kids.

So... over review! :)
What: Family Moment Monday
Who: Anyone who wants to post is invited and welcomed
When: Mr. Linky will be up to accept your links on Sunday evening at 6:00 PM Alaska time (that's 7 for Pacific, 8 Mountain, and... well you get idea)
Where: F.M.M is hosted here at Motherhood For Dummies
Why: Because there is never too many things we can do with our families

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