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Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Crafts

Every holiday I want to get into the spirit of things and I always start off by searching websites and blogs for fun crafts and decorations that I can have fun making. And... well.. um, that is about as far as it goes.

So, this weekend I am going to plan on playing catch up with my craft wish list. But here are some fun ideas for all of you guys out there.

Here is a cute pillow banner that is just as sweet as can be. I think I am going to make mine with ribbon instead of yarn to give it a nice pop and make it more durable.

Here is a festive wreath that probably the easiest that I have ever seen. It is as simple as poking a hole and gluing. Truly simple. I think I am going to make mine in a circle wreath and use a couple varieties of fabric squares.

LOOOOOVE IT! This Valentines canvas is simple and sleek looking; I love this look and I want to make several of these like a nice little collage.

These cute blocks are sweet and can be changed and used in many ways. You can spell out anything you want. I think I might do a heart and "XOXO".

This wreath is made out of tissue paper, not fabric, which give a beautiful soft elegant look. You could even do this with a picture framed and put you and your husband's wedding photo in it.

Yes, yes... another Valentine wreath, but what can I say I think they are so cute on the door tied up with a big fat ribbon. This one is made with fabric roses and put on. I think these would be cute mini wreath to tie on door knobs.


  1. These are gorgeous! Wish I could make them all. :) Off to share on twitter!

  2. Hi!
    I just came across your blog while I was searching for how to make fabric blocks for babies and your blog came up.

    I really love how creative you are. You have given me some inspiration to make a few things for my little girl!