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Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Little Pony EXTREME!

My daughter Lucy has been in a My Little Pony dream cloud for the past year.. movies, toys, stickers... but who can blame her, those ponies are cute. But as cute as they are, my husband always thought there were a little frilly and girly. He always joke about girly things taking over the home... and well.. he might be a little right :)

But then my brother gave me this link on Facebook and well... I think it might be the answer to bring balance back into our house hold :) I don't think my husband could resist a pony that could kick his butt :)

So check out www.jodimoisan.com to see the full collection.


MR.T Pony

Ronald McDonald Pony

The Thing Pony

Green Lantern Pony

Batman Pony

Spider Man Pony

Night Crawler Pony (Im an X-Men fan.. so I loove this one)

Eagles Pony (Now make it a 49er Pony and I'm in heaven)

Darth Maul Pony.... can you sense the awesomeness?

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