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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Little Lucy Goosey

Lucy has been really cute lately. We think she has been teething cause she has just been munchin' and gnawing on her fingers. But her attitude is "The more, the merrier" So I will turn around and check her out to see that she is just being cute cute CUTE!

Ignore the drunk look!


  1. I love these close up shots of Lucy. They are very cute! Congrats to Curtis on his new job!!!!!! We can't wait to come visit you guys.

  2. Hello Melissa! SO fun! I didn't know you had a blog either! Yea, I can keep up on you since you are going to ALASKA! That is awesome, we are totally visiting you real soon! But, I'll miss you in Utah! Lucy is adorable, and she has like every toy you can think of! Lucky little Lucy! Kalil sucks her hands too, she sucked them red and chapped, I finally had to start keeping socks on her hands...of course she likes sucking on socks just as much ;) Miss you Melissa!

  3. that's what tulip started doing around 9 wks and lots of drool...YOUNG TEETHER! She has 1 tooth and the 2nd is really-really-really close (I can see it through the very thin layer of gum)...she got her first finally at 8 mos...she was a difficult teether!!! I hope Lucy does better!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    Lucy is adorable! Glad you came by.
    I recognized Michelle (scribbit) was your sister right away by the way. I could see the resemblance. I've read her blog regularly for awhile now. I loved hearing her stories about Alaska before we moved here ourselves.