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Thursday, November 6, 2008

South American, Here We Come

And we are off! Soon the Rappleyes will be heading down to Chile for some good quality time with the in-laws (don't worry... I will still be posting). Yep.... I said Chile.... Santiago, Chile to be exact. My family keeps asking me if I am so excited to be heading down to South America and I feel bad because all I can say is, "no". Not because it won't be fun, it is just that I am so nervous about a flight with a one year old... a one year old who can't sit still and has discovered tantrums. :) So, I am more over come with fear than excitement...as of now.

But I feel horrible about that because this is a wonderful opportunity that we are getting, so I decided that I need to focus on the things that will be awesome about leaving and heading to Chile.

Leaving The Politics Behind
I know that the President-elect has been decided, but it still seems like this has been going on forever and I think I just need a few days of politically free conversations. Don't get me wrong, this was an amazing race and wonderful to watch, but I think I need a political fast right now :)

Warm Weather
Right now Chile is averaging around 75* in November.... which I think sounds better than the 25* Anchorage has been averaging.

Stopping By In Vegas
We are having a three day layover in Vegas to spend time with Curtis's sister and her in-laws that we have missed dearly. (Wud up Wiklers). We have been looking forward to seeing our Lucy and their daughter getting to spend some good cousin time together. I think I need to bring my expectations down a bit though... I keep envisioning them holding hands and skipping into the sunset. :) It will probably be more eye poking, teddy bear stealing, and pacifier hogging than skipping.

Lucy Spending Time With Her Grandparents
Lucy doesn't get to see either sets of grandparents very often, so this is going to be some wonderful time that she will be able to see them, stay with them, and give them a chance to really see her sweet little personality and a tantrum or two :)

Warm Weather
A chance to trade in snow boots for flip flops.... who wouldn't be excited?

Our Layover In Seattle
On our way back from Chile we have a day layover in Seattle which normally wouldn't be very excited (no insult to Seattle) but one of our best friends just recently moved to Seattle for work and we are so excited to see Nate, AKA: Nadean. Our little Lucy hasn't had a chance to see her Uncle Tater in almost a year and we are looking forward to catching up.

Trying Out My Crazy Spanish Skills
Finally my two years of flunked high school Spanish classes will come into play! My dear sweet husband has been trying to help me brush up with things like, "How much", "You have a beautiful home", and at my request... "Help help I am lost and I need a phone!". So, as you can tell... I have been learning a lot :)

Testing My Immunity System Against Their Water
Santiago Chile isn't Tijuana Mexico, but I am still nervous about getting the true South American experience. Hopefully my system isn't too weak from the flu and I will be able to go Italian Stallion on those bug's butts! I guess I should also probably learn how to say, "Bottled water please".

Warm Weather
Is this reason getting old yet?

Letting My Husband Show Me His Life
My husband grew up throughout South America and so he has never had the chance to show me the house he grew up in, the schools he went to, and the places in town that he loves. He is getting really excited to have the chance to show ME around and to be on HIS turf.

Meeting Some Wonderful Latin People
The Latins are such a warm, friendly, loving people and I have never had the chance to visit any Latin countries. I am really looking forward to the people, the colors, the houses, decorations, traditions, and everything else that comes with their great culture.

Warm Weather
Come on... I LIVE IN FREAKIN' ALASKA... I deserve to really count this one!


  1. Have a great trip - and share lots of stories...safe travels!

  2. The trip sounds awesome!! Have a wonderful time!!

  3. How exciting! Have a great time and we'll be waiting for pictures!

  4. I would advise against testing your immune system...definitely don't drink the water. Good luck on the flight, we've made this flight several times and it is long, very long (you are smart for breaking it up with a layover in Vegas), but I have found that lots of new toys and a few tried and true ones saved us. Oh, and the portable DVD player, absolutely could not have lived without it. Also, we used bribery, because on hour 8, 9, 10, a lollipop is sometimes all that works.

  5. Wow, have a blast!! I hope the flights go smoothly and you guys have a fun and safe trip. Can't wait to hear about it.

  6. Hope your trip is a warm one! Living in North Dakota, I can sympathize with wanting warmer weather and ND is nothing like Alaska!

  7. totally jealous!!

    wishing you happy & safe travels :)

  8. Just remember you can't take fluids on the plane beyond the weeny sized travel shampoo, which makes sippy cups a problem. Take the sippy cup empty and ask the flight attendant to fill it when you get on the plane. As to the water problem, I recommend taking a filter water bottle which you can find at the better sporting goods stores. You can put whatever water you have in it and the filter keeps out the crud. That way you can take it on the plane empty to get through security, and fill it later and be okey. It's not worth it to buy bottled water in the airport after the checkpoint. It's way expensive. The filter water bottle will more than make up for the bottled water you would pay for ordinarily.

    Having traveled on many flights with four kids, your one seems like a breeze, tantrums and all. Definitely a portable DVD player if you have one, with earphones if she'll wear them, and plenty of snacks are the order of the day.

    If you are taking a car seat for the little one on the flight, remember it will have to go by the window. Don't forget to let the gate attendant know you have a little one. They often seat babies first to avoid a traffic jam in the aisles.

    Sounds like you're off on a great adventure. Good Luck!

  9. Yay for warm weather and no politics! Can I come along?

    Hope you have an amazing trip! Enjoy the WARM weather and RELAX!!!! I'm sure the flight will go super well! :)

  10. Oh, have a lovely time. As far as I'm concerned, warm weather is an excellent reason all by itself.

    We were VERY concerned when our daughter was just under a year old and we flew to Colorado to see the Mountain Man's sister and her family. But she was so excited that she didn't have to be in her car seat and had Mommy and Daddy all to herself for several hours that she didn't get upset once. She did grab the hair of the man in front of us but fortunately he thought it was funny. And we didn't have a DVD player or anything. Just a few toys and plenty of juice (and Mommy). Of course, that was well before the descent into stupidity exhibited by the airlines over sippy cups. We haven't flown since, but it's mostly because we have 2 now and can't afford it. And yeah, don't drink the water.

  11. I was a missionary in Argentina, so your trip plans make me so jealous. Enjoy yourself and don't be surprised if you fall in love with a few people.

  12. Love the idea of the portable DVD player, I don't know if she is soloring, but Magic Erase markers, they usually come in a kit with a coloring book. LOVE THOSE! snacks, new toys that she hasn't seen before. I really liked the lollipop idea for take off and descent due to ears popping, unless she still has a pacifier or bottle that would work for that too. Most of all try to relax with her on the plane, if she feels your tension, it will make the trip even longer!! One step ahead has some really great traveling products, pricey but maybe you can make something of your own :)
    How exciting to see your husbands turf!! And to enjoy warm weathers and flip flops :)

  13. I'll wave at your while you're in Seattle. You'll be in my state at that point! LOL

    Have a great time. Bring lots of drinks and snacks and whatever little bribe you can think of. My friend, whose hubby is a pilot and they flew all the time with their little ones, swears by chocolate. Not just for the kids, for the pilot and flight attendants, and any annoyed looking passengers if/when the kids acted up on the plane. Isnt' she brilliant? LOL Can't wait to see pics of the trip!

  14. Did you just mention warm weather three times!? LOL! We are averaging 75F in Dubai during the colder months (don't ask about how it is in Summer!).

    Have a great trip! I have travelled with a small child so many times- it isn't as bad as you think. Still I wish you a safe and memorable trip!

  15. Yes, south america is all that and soooo much more. I've spent a bunch of time there and it's amazing. have fun!
    13 Amazing Reasons to Come to Costa Rica

  16. We're only a 4 hr. drive from 'Vegas! Just sayin's all!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful time!


  17. I reccommend bringing nightime flu medicine for your daughter. You can even get kids dramamine now. I know it sounds horrible but it's not going to hurt her. Especially if you are on a red-eye! I think that breaking up the trip with long layovers will really help too. Also, I had a doctor reccommend that if you eat a pepto bismol tablet (or 2) every morning, it will coat the lining of your stomach and protect you from stuff in the water. Have a great trip!

  18. Have a GREAT trip and I am with you on the weather. We don't have it anywhere near as cold but grey, miserable and wet we do well
    Have fun

  19. All I can say is that I am so totally jealous!!! I love to travel... but I am married to someone who doesn't which kind of puts a wrench when in comes to making traveling plans!!! I hope you all have a wonderful time... And did you say it was 25 degrees in Anchorage... Holey coldness... I would have posted about the warm weather a few more times.... Do you have to dress Lucy like and Eskimo??

  20. What a great opportunity, can't wait to hear about your trip!! Do you have a portable DVD player? Maybe it's a lame excuse but I know it makes travel with my Riley easier on the plane and snacks, lots of them :)

  21. Oh, that sounds like so much fun! I've never been to South America, but I've always wanted to.

    No matter what you bring to entertain Lucy for the long airplane ride... she'll want the tray in front of her... and if you have or can borrow a portable DVD player... DO IT!

    I'm looking forward to hearing all about your trip!

  22. You crack me up. And the trip sounds amazing!!! We're thinking about going to Chili next year to that resort that has the 3 football lengths pool. I get it in forwarded emails ever so often. What a great experience for you and your family! Have lots of fun!

  23. Yay, Chili sounds fun. Bring back some warmth, will you? I would like to add a fourth great thing about going to Chili - the warmth. :0)

  24. Have a great trip!! I wish I could wear flip flops. Looking forward to seeing the photos!

  25. I tagged you on my blog for a survey!


  26. What great things you have to look forward to on your trip! I hope you're having a good time.

  27. Have fun and enjoy your trip after living in Alaska at our last base I totally understand the warm weather thing!!

  28. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

    Just a wee bit envious, I must admit! I hope you have an awesome time!

    And while I am here, you have been tagged over on the WWRT blog for a bit of linky love. Stop by and check it out :)

    Have a good one!

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